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This is my first online course. So far i think this class is very cool! Although I only joined the class Wednesday, I managed to break up the weeks worth of work involved in the DS106 bootcamp into 3 days of work. The detailed to-do list was very helpful in aiding me through steps 1-6, especially since I have never created my own domain/website! I really thought I would be up the creek with no paddle but I caught on rather quickly. I had a little bit of a problem when downloading hypothes.is, but after watching a couple youtube videos I finally figured out what the program was, and how to use it. While reading my article I learned that we have a centralized internet ( revolving mainly around the government and large corporations). This centralization limits our access to sites and limits users to what they can post on the internet. The only thing that drove me crazy throughout this whole process was figuring out how to access the microphone on the computer to record on Soundcloud. Luckily, several youtube videos later and I was a Soundcloud master. I even added some music on there! i really enjoyed creating all of the social media accounts. Not really sure why, but its just exciting to have fresh ones! The world of blogging is defiantly pretty wicked. I have really enjoyed building up my site. Below are some of my newer posts from the past couple days. My social media accounts are listed in my blog “New Social Media Accounts”. All other blog posts can be found on my menu bar at the top right of my website.  Cheers!



The WYO- This is me at the top of big horn mountain in Wyoming! This was the first day I ever FlyFished. I didn’t do to bad either!







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Hey! Im abby and i'm a Junior at UMW. IM a geography major. I love my dogs and my boyfriend very much! I also love to play lacrosse when I can!

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