Weekly Summary: Week 3



Wow what another busy week! I cannot believe I am at the end of my third week of my junior year of college. Boy does it fly by! This weeks set of assignments was all based of visual representations and photography. Photography is one of my favorite things to do because it is so broad. You can take photos anytime, anywhere, and of anything you want. There aren’t any qualifications, just a performing camera.

Below this post are all of my blog posts from this week covering the weekly assignments of #DS106. I had a lot of fun doing these assignments this week! They were all very strait forward and easy to follow. The only difficulty I ran into was on my photo-blitzer when I didn’t originally copy over the link for my seven tasks. Luckily, I snagged a photo on my phone before I had navigated away from the window and was able to recover the information in my twitter post.

I love the fact that we can communicate with other students online. I enjoy keeping up with my peers blogs and giving them feedback. Receiving feedback for my blog is also very rewarding. I can not thank everyone enough for all their support and interest! Im ecstatically awaiting for what next week will bring! Please enjoy all of my hard work from week three below. 🙂


Daily Create week 3


4 Star Assignment Bank

4 1/2 star Assignment Bank

Becoming a Better Photographer



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Hey! Im abby and i'm a Junior at UMW. IM a geography major. I love my dogs and my boyfriend very much! I also love to play lacrosse when I can!

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  1. Hi Abby! I love your blog and the colors you used. I’m also a junior and I feel like the weeks are already starting to fly by! You said you love photography, is there a certain camera you use or type of pictures you like to take? I applaud those who have a talent for taking photos since it’s something I don’t excel at.

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