Week 7 Summary

The days of my fall semester of junior year are really starting to all blend together! This weekend, my sister is to get married back home in Yorktown, VA. I am so happy for her! I cant wait for the wedding on Saturday.

Anyways.. back to school things…

We finished our radio show this week. Myself and my 4 group members worked extremely hard to bring everyone (drum roll pleaseeee…) Internet Radio!

Below is a link to our FULL radio broadcast.


Please check out how we did it, my original fears, and what my contributions to this show were in my latest blog post!

link below–

THE COMPLETE.. Internet radio.

My two daily creates are posted on twitter.

–link below

Daily Create week 7

I cant believe this assignment is over! I feel like i’ve been at it forever! I hope all of #ds106 enjoys our radio show! Please leave your comments on this post!



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