Week 5 Summary


WOW! Another super busy week for me.. I worked every single night from 3-10. Also I had two tests this week in Geography. Luckily I managed to get every thing up and posted for my favorite class, DS106!! My weeks worth of work is available below.





Please check out my Thoughs after reviewing Massimo Vignellli’s The Vignelli Cannon.

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Thoughts and Ideas on Design

My thoughts on Austin Kleon’s Show Your work. I only reviewed chapters one and two. What a brilliant man… I really wish everyone though this broadly! A .pdf of his book is available online.

—Link below!

Austin Kleon for President

Below are my 12 Stars of assignment bank tasks. I created a movie poster with my favorite quote, a digitized me on, an event poster, and a motivational poster. All the details are in my blog post.

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Design Assignments!

My three daily creates this week can be found in my blog post ” Daily Create week 5″. These things are fun to play around with! BUT- i’ve defiantly seen some repeats. 😉

—Link below. 🙂

Daily Create week 5

All week long, I gathered photos that portray Several of the design principals. I put the together in a blog. #designblitz

—-Link below!

Principals of Design PICS!!


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