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This was the single most frustrating thing I have ever completed in this course, BY FAR. I don’t think it was the complexity of the X-ray goggle program, but rather the fact that you couldn’t save any changes. I had to re-start in designing my page legitimately 20 times because every time I tried to navigate on the page it would re-render all my progress to the sites original state. So annoying!! It took me a good chunk of my Saturday just to complete this one assignment. I ended up helping myself out a little by using an old school mouse to navigate on my computer rather than my touch pad. I cant even begin to say how frustrating and time intensive this activity was but I can say that I am DONE and very proud of my final product!

Abbys Mood Site

For this assignment I chose to re-design a webpage that displayed hourly weather, into an hourly set mood page. This site acts a a live point of information on what mood I am in, I was in, or I could be in, as well as other mood related things. Like the weather, mood is a temporal characteristic, changing through space and time. This made it a little easier for me to match things up with how the site was already laid out.

I really tired to personalize everything I saw on the site. Every little box and article, I changed to reflect my topic. The most entertaining part on the site to me I think was my segment on “Possible external factors” effecting my mood (pictured below). I though that one was pretty funny, and defiantly accurate! I started to run into problems toward the end, however. As I scrolled further down into the page I would start to loose editing that I was navigating away from (and then I would have to start it all over…. again…)

Abbys mood

Abbys Mood Site

Overall though minus all the mishaps this was a pretty cool experience! Ive never in my life even looked at code, so it was pretty foreign to me but after watching a couple youtube videos I was rolling. Ill most likely be using this program again for fun purposes, but I need a lot more practice to make it perfect! Please enjoy my moody site everyone! Please give me feedback in my comments!



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