Hello ds106! Today, I’m going to show everyone how use iMovie to create mashup assignment1862! This assignment is to create a doggo voice over. To complete this (my way..) you will need to find access to iMovie, a free (with the costly purchase of any macbook by Apple…) video editing software by Microsoft. I discovered this application at the being of the corse when we started video editing! It is so easy to use and very strait forward. You can even upload your video directly to YouTube or Vevo after your finished with the click of a mouse. Please follow my step by step instructions listed below while watching my video!

1-Record a video: Pull out your iPhone or camera and record a video. iMovie can upload up to 1 hr of video.. so utilize your time!img_8077-2

2-Find access to a Macbook: For most people in college this may sound silly, but for this assignment you have to have a macbook if you want it to be free. iMovie is available for other computers, however it will cost you!img_3468-2

3- Find iMovie app: The app can be found un the search bar of the launch pad. The symbol is a little purple star with a video recorder in the middle.img_6749-2

4- Upload media : I just send my self a video on my iMessage because it easier for me. But!!!- you can send you video to your email and download it that way.

5-Upload media to iMovie:The coolest thing about this application is that you can drag any file directly into iMovie (see video below).

6- Play Around and edit (the fun part): Now you can edit your video. For this assignment, you needed specifically to use to voice over. See video below to learn how to create a voice over on our video!

7- Save and share: Save your video (As seen in video above), and upload it to youtube to make someone smile! Who doesn’t love a talking doggo??? especially one as cute as mine. 🙂 Check out my video of #Mashupassignment1862 below!


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