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#1- I chose to read the article “How to Break Open the Web“. I feel like this article as a whole really explains the problem of de-centralized internet era. Rarely do we ever go on a site and wonder what other 3rd party could be browsing at the same pace we are. The main point of this article is basically to “free the internet”. The author argues that government and corporations (such as Google or Facebook) are rapidly creating a centralized network that in turn makes it restrictive to us as users. I don’t believe enough people are aware of the repercussions of a centralized internet (I defiantly wasn’t before reading this). However, I feel that many internet users habitually visit certain sites or phone applications  (an app is basically a portal to one set website) because thats where the central nodes are on the internet. I think that this could be contributing to the centralization of the internet, as well as people not thinking about where their data goes when its published on the internet (or caring even). On the other hand, thats how i’ve always accessed data on the internet. I access Google, Facebook, and Twitter almost everyday without the thought of the government or corporations accessing my data. All of this begs my final question, could ignorance be the problem? Is it just that we don’t think about what were putting onto the internet? As far as reclaiming control to the users, I don’t think that its possible to change peoples habitual actions without removing some large important components of the internet.

#2- To me, the internet is just a portal for acquiring  information and entertainment. The larger part of my internet usage is done on my IPhone/IPad. This is primarily spread out through several social media apps, Google, games, and of course, schoolwork. The best part of it all is its super fast and free to access. Anything you could ever want to know is available to you within seconds. Nowadays I don’t even need to leave my apartment, the internet serves as a portal to the outside world. This class for example, DS106, I participating in a college course without even leaving my living room, and still having all the same resources I would if I were in the classroom.

#3- Do you think people are too dependent on the internet?

-In what ways would removing the internet harm our economy?


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