THE COMPLETE.. Internet radio.

I have to say ,when I began this project I really thought I would have a hard time keeping up. Im not a fan of collaborating with people who I don’t know. You never know who is going to put forth the effort and who is not. With this class being online, my fears escalated because I literally don’t know anything about anyones work ethic besides what i can see on peoples blogs! all i could think was, how was a supposed to pick a group that I know will put forth as much effort as I do! THANKFULLY, I lucked out with an awesome group to work with.

Communication on twitter  in the beginning was rough, however after we all met in person for the first time we all flowed together. Our group will meet 3 total times during the length of this assignment. We met on Sunday, Tuesday, and are set to meet again on Thursday. Even if all group members couldn’t physically make it to the meeting, we were all there each thanks to Skype!

I contributed to this assignment is several different areas. Same as everyone, I created a 5 minute segment of my choosing. My segment was basically me joking about somethings that we use internet on our phones for that we don’t really notice! Were so dependent on our smart phones that at times they can seem incredibly invaluable. Im pretty shy generally, and don’t really like other people to hear me present anything at all. So this is a really big step for me! 🙂 I wrote myself out a script of some sorts to go off of while I was recording. I wanted to make it really relatable, just like a real radio show host would do. Also I tried really hard to not have any gaps in my speech, because in a live broadcast long silences are awkward for all parties involved… It took me about 10 or 12 try’s to get all my words right (almost all of them…), but i finally made a final product that i’m really proud of! I hope everyone enjoys it!

I also wrote up, and had us all record our introduction and conclusion in our Tuesday night meeting. Again, we kinda tried to mock a real radio broadcast! I hope you all enjoy it!


I also recorded on of the 3 commercials required for our complete broadcast. My commercial was an advertisement to come to UMW! My full recoding is below-

My final contribution was my radio bumper. Its kinda silly, but fullfils the requirement, lol! Take a listen below!


All in all this was a really really fun project! I had a wonderful time working together with my peers. Everyone was very collaborative when it came to completing all required materials. This is my first radio show I have ever done! We are still working out the kinks on audacity, but it should be a finished product by Thursday evening.

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