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Iv always enjoyed reviewing everyones daily creates throughout the week on twitter using the hashtag. I have never used twitter before being in the class, but i really am getting the hang of it! Some are very creative, its inspiring! The cool thing about posting the Daily create on twitter is that you can reply to peoples works of art and ask them how they did it, as well as give wicked feedback. Ive learned how to use a couple iPad apps this way! It just brings us back to one of the central ideas to digital story telling, share your process with others!

I loved this daily create by @kristinoconnn. I really do enjoy living and going to school in Fredericksburg. She captured this photo at a great time of day! But, rain or shine I love this town, and this really stood out to me! I even believe I know where it was taken which is awesome. 🙂 I enjoyed reviewing you’re daily creates after I saw this, although this one was truly the “best”. Really cool picture Kristin!! 🙂

I really enjoyed this daily create by Alan. What makes this so outstanding is that is so expert! I would have never thought to make and edited rendition of the daily create as my own daily create. It’s kind of an inception of some sort.. but I like the idea! The editing on the picture itself met the requirements to a “t”! The picture really resembles an old photo!  Great work Alan!


I had to go back a little bit in the DS106TDC hashtag to find this one. 😂 I actually found it a little while ago when I was creeping around on twitter at everyones work under the hastag. I am a huge fan of the Beatles. My Maw’s name is Jude, so you can imagine the cords being belted in my house on a daily basis! What really makes this daily create one of the most outstanding is the caption.😂😂😂 I mean, you really cant get much more random than a bunch of penguins blocking a city street, and the Abbey road reference really tied the joke together! This also stood out to me because the editing must have taken a very long time, and must have been mildly intensive! Very clever, and wicked cool editing skills! Thank you for creating this work of art Anna, I thoroughly enjoyed it.














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