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Mr. Kleon did an excellent job outlining some key ways to share your creativity with the outside world. Although some numbers in the selection I could relate to more than others, I enjoyed reading all his points and descriptions. I really liked how he included relevant quotes relating to the “key way”. After reading this post it really inspired me to go online and be an awesome blogger. After about 15 minutes of struggling to figure out how to use I finally made some annotations within the text. Starting with number 8, learn to take a punch, I explained how the phrase related to my life is several different ways, and how criticism will always be a growing experience. Second, I annotated number 6, teach what you know. I explained how this point related to my experiences in college and how quiet literally teaching what you know can really help others out sometimes.

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Hey! Im abby and i'm a Junior at UMW. IM a geography major. I love my dogs and my boyfriend very much! I also love to play lacrosse when I can!

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