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My favorite film growing up was The Sound Of Music. I always loved to flow of energy that Julia Andrews delivered as she would coast from contrasting scenes in the movie. All songs in the whole musical film have a different mood. The tune “Sixteen going on Seventeen” has a completely different atmospheric feel than the main tune “The Sound of Music”. My favorite tune in the whole film, “So long, Farewell” starts out with a very hype, and then as the children start to go to sleep, the music slows down and gets very lethargic and sluggish. If you’ve never heard ant of these songs, I’ve attached a youtube video below with the soundtrack.

These scenes are perfect examples of how sound and audio can drive story’s. From love, to hate; happiness, to sadness, the audio elects particular moods that are meant to intrigue the audience. In the case of a horror film, the music can be suggestive of whats going to happen next. Horror film music creates sort of a foreshadowing effect. When ever the music gets fast and more intense it keeps you on your toes for whats going to happen next. The crazy beats and edits in horror film music can be the thing that actually scares viewers sometimes. Sound drives story’s because it activates an sparks emotions. When artist talk about emotions on an relatable level. When emotions are elected people are more likely to be intrigued in whatever story is being told. As Jad Abumrad said in his short video about how radio creates empathy, music is truly “powered by the absence of pictures”. I love this analogy because unlike in musicals, plain audio only appeals to one sense, hearing, and all the information has to get across VIA audio. My favorite genre of music is rock. I jam out everyday! From old school to new school, I enjoy it all. Its the perfect music to run to. It also can really mellow me out when I’m trying to focus or relax. Rock on!!!

I tuned into the DS106 radio when I got home from work (I work every weekday until 1015). It was about 10:20 pm-ish and I listened for about 15-20 minutes. A song aired that quiet literally made me want to jump in my jeep and head to the Outer Banks, NC! I could picture myself in a Tommy Bahama chair with my feet in the sand sipping on a Pina-colada in a big floppy hat. I absorbed the beat of the song and it brought about positive vibes in the time it was on. The song changed to a more subtle tune and my positive vibes disappeared and I just felt sleepy. Slower songs make me tired, especially at night! My first two assignments from the assignment bank were audio assignments. I had a great time! The first of two was to create my own beat and the second was to create an audio recording of tid-bit’s of my day. Both of these assignments can be found in my Week Two Weekly Post.  (link below)

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Week 2 Summary

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