Rhythms With Things

“Rhythms With Things”

In this assignment I was assigned to find things around the house to make a rhythm with. The items I gathered were a metal plate, a glass plate, a empty plastic water bottle, a full plastic water bottle, a spoon, and a pencil. Im not very musical so it took me about 15 minutes to divide up all the different sounds that all my items generated into something that sounded somewhat uniform. This assignment was worth 4 stars toward my weekly 8. This assignment can relate to our discussion about the internet because I am using the internet to share my own creativity. I want to do a lot with sound cloud because I think you can gather a lot more from sounds than from other forms of media. Enjoy!


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Hey! Im abby and i'm a Junior at UMW. IM a geography major. I love my dogs and my boyfriend very much! I also love to play lacrosse when I can!

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