Another week of junior year under my belt! AND my sister gets married next week. :,) (photos to follow check out my flickr)

In part, I’m very glad that this assignment forces us to come together outside of the box of our computers. HOWEVER… It has been very difficult finding a meeting time for all of us to make. (or even all get together to discuss things online!) Two of my group members do not even live in Fredericksburg so finding a time that they can skype/meet with us at UMW has been really really hard. I think this assignment is going to be A LOT easier for groups that consist of all UMW students who live on/close to campus. Because of this obstacle, we could only get so much done before Friday at 12pm. We have scheduled a meeting on Sunday at 10AM in the ITCC to discuss things further, so I will be updating this post on Sunday with the most recent information.

Thus far, we have made all our decisions in a twitter direct message. There are 5 group members. We have decided that our show is going to have a central theme along the lines of “life before the internet”. We are planning on dividing up the time into 5 minute segments ( 5 minutes for each of us to talk). Each segment will have a topic of information about life before the internet. The remainder of the time will be covered with commercials and bumpers. Thats really as far as we got! Please stay tuned for updated information this  Sunday!


UPDATE::: Sunday, Oct 9th 2016

This morning I met with my group for the first time. Getting together is really so much less frustrating then trying to communicate VIA twitter! It was so nice to be face to face talking with everyone about what we had thought up for the radio show. By this point, everyone has chosen a topic of something to talk about. The Segments are as follows;

1.Fictional place without internet (Freda), 2. If I existed before the internet (Courtney) 3. Outdoor activity’s before the internet (Amber) 4. Video games before the internet (J)  5. Before cell phones were web-enabled (ME!!)

In that order! I though of a really great idea, where before the end of each segment there will be a trivia question. The answer to the question will be reviled by the next person on the list. (so, Courtney will answer Freda’s question, Amber will answer Courtney’s, ect.)

My segment will be entirely about what we did before we had access to the internet at the tip of our fingers…our cell phones! Things such as navigation, looking up contact information, online dating, and more! Ill explain the function we use this as on the phone, and then how we USED to do it before we were privileged enough to access these things on the mobile phone! Not gonna give up too much.. but its gonna be a good 5 minutes 🙂


Our group is meeting again on Tuesday at 7pm to put everything together, please stay tuned for next weeks post with all our new info!



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