Radio Show Brianstorm! (separate post)


So I’m totally obsessed with everything fashionista. I Follow over one hundred fashion accounts on my Instagram and I love them! There is really just so much to include when talking about fashion. Theres the new, the old; the pretty, and the ugly; the functional, and functional.

This radio show can showcase everything you want to know about the fashion world. Classic, country, metal, bland, all styles will be represented. There is always developing this in the fashion world, this radio broadcast could be a source of information to people on the latest fashions and releases. We could even have a segment where we mash up different styles.

While the radio show is broadcasting there will be a trending hashtag on Twitter. This is where people can ask questions to be answered on the show. We could even have a call in segment as well!

please let me know what ya’ll think.

PS~~~~this was in my radio show postĀ fro Friday but i decided to split them up to halt confusion~~~~




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3 thoughts on “Radio Show Brianstorm! (separate post)”

    1. Thank you! I agree that fashion is entirely visual, and it will be a challenge! Perhaps during the show, we could also be on twitter uploading some photos. We could also use descriptive attributes of the topic such as different colors or styles. I will put more thought into how to communicate my message! Thank you for your feedback!

      Abigail Hunt

      1. That could work. Timing twitter with the recording playback might be tricky. Another idea would be to cover a fashion show like a sports event, with play-by-play and color commentary, and have sounds of a fashion show and audience reactions in the background.

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