I have always loved taking photos. Since I was young I’ve always had some kind of apparatus on my person that could take picture. When I was younger it was a Polaroid camera, now its my iPhone 6s. I still take many photos, several everyday perhaps. However, as the article “The Internet and photography PHOTO 2.0” opened with, our way and purpose of taking photos has changed. A good 75% of my photos I take everyday are on the application “snapchat“. I will take goofy photos of myself or things i’m doing or see throughout the day. My approach to taking photos is to capture the memory completely.

I like to partly re-live whole scenarios when I revisit old photos. The feeling in all my photos is pure joy, because why would you want to capture anything else? After review my albums on my phone and old picture, I have determined i successfully capture happiness. After reviewing these articles, I think I can improve on taking photos as a narrative, accounting for different connected events. Also, I think I should post my photos in order to collect feedback from cyber-space. By doing this I believe I can become a superb amateur photographer.


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Hey! Im abby and i'm a Junior at UMW. IM a geography major. I love my dogs and my boyfriend very much! I also love to play lacrosse when I can!

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