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I sometimes just tune in to ds106 radio just for some inspiration. I was listening the other night, and a really old airing of CBS radio was on. It really took me back! The tone of voice, the music, sound effects, and the quality all really brings you back! It remind me of when my Maw and Papaw would force my sister and I to sit down and watch stuff like M.A.S.H (I love the show now which is ironic). Its crazy how different modern radio sounds as opposed to radio broadcasts in the past. The Lack of musical transition throws you of and makes you wonder if it is actually a radio broadcast!

I chose to listen to the Meme show. I actually tuned in right on time when it started! I really liked how one of the first things they addressed in the show was the definition of a Meme, and its history. I myself feel like this is a modern 21st century term and some of the listeners have not a clue what they are, especially if the are not into social media! Great job there guys! The music in the beginning really tied me in as well, however I thought maybe they could have changed it at some point during the show!

Almost every example of a meme that they addressed throughout the show I knew, which is very sad.. haha! My favorite part of this show was adding the Ryan Gosling monologue… that interview is hilarious! The cool thing about the Ryan Gosling memes are that you can literally google his name they all pop up immediately. All the radio bumpers were also very funny, especially the one with the police chief.

Everyone did a really good job in this show! I understand personally how hard it can be to put ourselves out on the internet, but everyone in the Meme show did a wonderful job! Great show guys! 🙂


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