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Hello everyone!! Below is a Link to my final project. I worked really hard on it! In total i used 47 stars from the assignment banks spanning across the four main components of digital story telling, audio, video, writing, and photography. Below my video you can read along to how I created each part and how it is relevant to the final DS106 project! I tried to incorporate as much new knowledge about computer programs, apps, websites, and just strait up how to work my mac book into my video!  Its been a wild ride everyone, I know ive come a long way since the start! I hope you all enjoy my final video!

I had some problem with the sound of youtube!!! listen to it here-


The very first few photos that appear in my video are accompanied by one of my all time favorite songs, Eating Like Kings by Shawn James. The First photo was part of the  Family friendly billboard Visual Assignment (1973). I copied my face over the models and changed the brand name to my final project title. 🙂

The second photo I created a silly movie poster (VisualAssignments1987). I took the movie ” Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” and changed the title to lord of the STRINGS (I’m hilarious I know..), and changed the title to “Eat like kings” to kind of match the song…

The Third photo is the “can you see what i see assignment” (VisualAssignments1892) going along with the lyrics.. a murder has occurred, and its in the eye of the beholder. I pasted a silhouette of two people in a murder predicament over a scene in a woman’s eye ball.

The picture is followed by the merg of cover by “Timothy Brian and the Boys” (you can find them on youtube). Its great cover… i enjoy it as much as the original.

the snake video and the rotting apple time-lapse…. follow along with the lyrics..

“You know that it’s a snake eat snake world.

We slither and serpentine through.

We all took a bite and six thousand years later, this apples getting harder to chew.”

I interpreted that as a rotting apple, because I think Shawn James was trying to covey the continual discontent that people might have in their lives. A bad taste can last a very long time and so can bad memories, they can get worst as time goes on.


The next bit of me dancing like a moron is part of the P!NK emotions assignment (AudioAssignments2007)

The song “Raise your Glass” just put me in such a happy place, it makes me feel so free i just want to dance!

The song “F**kin Perfect” reminds me of success. Once of the most rewarding and successful moment in my life way graduating high school! My second, LAX senior night, I was awarded with 3 metals including BRD Player of the year.

The song “please don’t leave me” makes me feel like I need to yell at someone and break relationships. LOL no lie…

At 3:15 I explain Visual Assignment 1914. One of the funniest videos i’ve ever made to be honest.

At 4:33, what a sing means to me. (AudioAssignments1923)

I chose “Cant Tell Me” by SOJA. This song is so relevant to a college environment such as UMW.. “You cant tell me who I am, because I’m working on that too”. Everyone has their own opinions, styles, and tastes. We are all still developing in different stages in our lives therefore, “Whats right for me just ain’t right for you”. Lead singer Jacob Hemphill reminded us to love everyone everyday unconditionally and respect others stages in life and opinions.

The next Part of my video is a display of emotions through sound (AudioAssignments1551). Im not sure if any of you have picked up this semester but I am a huge Lord of the Rings nerd… all of these songs displayed the written emotion through sound in my interpretation.

at 6:58, What I love.. more than anything my wonderful boyfriend who teaches me how easy it is to fall for him every single day. The song is another one by SOJA,  True love.

The next part is a selfie story (videoAssignments1653) me and my boyfriends step mom on a road trip to visit him out in Dana Point, California! The song fits perfectly, hehehe thanks dani California.. 😉

Up next at 8:06, my most recent “Vacation”, my oldest sisters wedding! (VideoAssignments1036)  All you need is love, am I right? :,)

Up last, I finally jump into my written portion, how a song makes me feel. Sunday bloody Sunday is a classic for many, but for me its some of the best memories of when I was with my dad. The assignment called for tweets, so i just screen shotted them and threw them in there as pfg’s.

I hope everyone really enjoyed my final project. Its been more than I pleasure being a apart of DS106 these past couple months. Ive learned so much!

for now, cheers!
Abigail Hunt


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