Final Project Update 2 week 13

things im planning on making this week-

How it will all come together? watch my video to find out!!!!!!!!!!!



-Create a silly movie poster –VisualAssignments1987-3.5 stars

Take an exisiting movie poster and make it look silly. My final project involved an Ewok who wanted to be in a movie with Arnold Schwarzengger. This is his idea of a poster.


-Family friendly billboard-VisualAssignments1973- 4 Stars-photo

Reconstruct an image of a billboard by photo editing the image. Replace the heads of people or objects with photos of your friends and family.


-Can you see what I see- VisualAssignments1892-3.5 stars -photo

Find or take a photo of an eye. Take another image of whatever you want, and overlay the image onto the eye. Make the image in the eye smaller so that it looks like a reflection in the person’s eye.


Recreate a famous movie scene-VisualAssignments1914-3.5- photo

“im sure you’ve all seen the vines, “every song makes this dramatic”, if you havenet, heres a couple exampkes below-


Merging original  song with cover-3 stars-AudioAssignments2007 -audio


P!nks emotions- AudioAssignments2007- 3 stars -audio

For this assignment, we had to create our own audio assignment, it could be a mashup of music or sounds, all it had to do was be mixed.  For this assignment, I chose to create a mash-up of four different songs from the artist P!NK.  These four songs all show the different emotions that she was feeling when she wrote and sang the songs.  Each song is connected by a similar lyric from the previous song.  For example, in “So What” she beings the chorus with, “So what, I’m still a rockstar” and “Raise Your Glass”‘s chorus begins with “So raise your glass if you are wrong”.  These two songs are connected with the “So” from “So What” and the “Raise your glass” from “Raise Your Glass”


what a song might mean to you- AudioAssignments1923- 3.5 stars- -audio

Lots of people have a particular song that reminds them of certain situations, I know I do! Embed the video of your particular song and a short recording of why you really like the song, or what makes it importatnt to you (I would recomend Soundcloud for this assignment! Have fun!!

-emotions through sound- AudioAssignments1551- 3  stars. -audio

Try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. They can be human sounds, such as crying with laughter in the background, to maybe express someone’s fears or being embarrassed, or you can get really artsy and try to convey an emotion by sound effects– like loud noises to show intensity, thunder to show fear, or quick, chirpy noises to show happiness. Edit at least 4 sounds together to show an emotion, upload it to soundcloud and then tag it with the appropriate tags.

what do you love- video start – VideoAssignments1728- 4 stars

choose something that you love and make a video of it! You can take pictures or videos and combine them into one final video. Try to find music that has to do with the thing you love and add it to the video. Make sure to add a title and give credit to those outside sources!

Selfie story- 4.5 stars- videoAssignments1653

Narrate a story using selfies.


sports team pump up- 4.5 stars-VideoAssignments1165- video

Its vacation time-VideoAssignments1036- 3.5 stars



dream it … write it!- 2.5 stars- WritingAssignments1860


How does this song make you feel?WritingAssignments2042- 2 stars

Emotional lyrics- WritingAssignments2043- 3 stars




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