Assignments Bank Week 6


SO! This week in my life…. my computer broke! 😀 I just got it back today, so this week I did my assignments on the soundcloud app on my phone! A simple download, just go to the Apple app store and download it for free! Although the application doesn’t have all the functions as the website, it still worked for what I needed it for! Please enjoy my weeks work of Audio assignments below. 🙂

My Friday night sound effect combination. I really do wish that there were more assignments than just the sound board-ish ones!! I made this on freesound! Its probably my 3rd of 4th assignment that required it! Its a fun program! There are so many options the possibilities are endless. (3stars) #AudioAssignments1932


This is one of my all time favorite songs ever!! My dad and I used to listen to the album all the time. I actually already had the instrumental version on my iTunes! I like to download music instrumentals so I can sing to them either in the shower, or on long road trips with my friends! Can you guess what the name of this song is??? (3 1/2 stars) #AudioAssignments1446

I can not wait for halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fall is the most beautiful time of the year in my opinion! There could be spookier sounds, however freesound and only had a couple mediocre ones.. Enjoy my spooooooooky sounds.. 🙂 (4 1/2 stars) #AudioAssignments1418

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