Week 11 summary

Its the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did we make it here? This week went by so fast!

My Three daily creates-What is beauty to me? Check out my thoughts!- links below–

My weekly mashup assignments with two remixes- check out my latest blog post if you need a good laugh today! link below–

Mashup Assignments week 11

And my tutorial, how I made one of my mashups this week on iMovie! Check it out in step by step directions in my latest blog post below-



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Week 10 summary


Whats up DS106!!!! we are on our way to the end of the school year.. and yall…  I think i’m going Cray Cray!! Who else? anyways, i got all my work done for week, links to my blog posts below!


My Story telling video-

Working the Graveyard shift

My 12 stars of video assignments, all related to the story telling theme!

Video assignments

My 3 DC’s.

Daily create week 10

Week 9 summary

Crazy week! Some how managed to finish everything!

All blog posts for the week are below! 🙂

My 3 daily creates. I had some trouble with twitter for some reason earlier in he week so they are on my flickr! Check them out in my blog post!

Daily Create week 9

My 12 stars worth of video assignments. I knew this week would come… when I had to go solo in front of an internet audience. I did my best however, and I don’t think they are too bad. Take a look! link below. 🙂

12 star Video assignment

And finally my video essay. I did a review of a scene from the first movie in my all time childhood favorite series Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.


Thats all for this week! Have a happy Halloween!

Weekly 8 Summary

We are half way done with the school year!!! WOHOOO!!!!!! I had a very large abundance of work due this week since it was the week following fall break. I had 3 tests on Friday, what is that!!!! I rocked all of them though, and still had time to complete some activities for this class! Please take a look at my weeks work of weekly assignments! All of my blog posts are below 🙂 enjoy!

I truly enjoyed listening to everyones radio broadcasts this week! Take a look at my review of Meme Radio in my blog post below! 🙂

Meme Radio review

Check out my personal favorites, and what I believe to be the best Daily creates in all of d106 in my latest blog post! I will reflect on the art itself, and why I think it is better than all the rest. Link below!

The Best Of DS106


Read my one of my latest blog posts about how I created my own Mood forecast page! Link to my blog post below!

Mood Forecast


And finally, my 8 Stars worth of web assignments.

Socialize media- 31/2 stars #WebAssignments1656

For this assignment I was to make social media accounts for a character! I chose my dog of course. I made my Irish doodle puppy 3 web pages, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram! Its always a huge pain in the neck creating new social media account but this was well worth the time. I followed all kinds of other dogs and animal lover accounts to make it more personalized! I even updated his bio’s. His profile picture is a pic of him and I! 🙂  Now he can keep in paw touch with all his buddies.. Really cant believe I did this but i did😂

lol.. enjoy!




Way Back Machine-2 stars- #WebAssignments115

This website is pretty freaking cool. I chose to view www.amazon.com “way back”! My favorite part of this experience was seeing the level of site visitation in the past ten years. It has gone up exponentially. Possibly from a more established brand name, or maybe because the site design is better! After viewing amazons old website templates, its no wonder no one visited the URL! The site was SO CONFUSING until around 2008. Literally absolutely nothing flows on the site. There is no directory, no visible search engine, all the links all look alike and nothing really stands out to me. I couldn’t even navigate to my cart on this site..

(February 2000-)


The site now is much more appealing. It combines easiness and readiness. All similar links are in one spot, navigation is so easy, and I can actually see all my options. Also, if I had trouble, there a hotline I can now call, or a can participate in a live chat. The color scheme of the new site is too very alluring. Its small improvements such as this that can make or break a site such as this one!



Pinteresting a character -2 1/2 stars-


Who could have possibly made this Pinterest board? I actually have already had one follow add me and guess! She loves all things country, just like she sings in her songs. This country rocking woman one of my favorite female music artists of all time (mentioned a couple times throughout this course.. lol). Can you guess what country star made this Pinterest board? Feel to guess in a comment!



Thanks for taking a look everyone!! Please leave comments for feedback of my work. 🙂





Week 7 Summary

The days of my fall semester of junior year are really starting to all blend together! This weekend, my sister is to get married back home in Yorktown, VA. I am so happy for her! I cant wait for the wedding on Saturday.

Anyways.. back to school things…

We finished our radio show this week. Myself and my 4 group members worked extremely hard to bring everyone (drum roll pleaseeee…) Internet Radio!

Below is a link to our FULL radio broadcast.


Please check out how we did it, my original fears, and what my contributions to this show were in my latest blog post!

link below–

THE COMPLETE.. Internet radio.

My two daily creates are posted on twitter.

–link below

Daily Create week 7

I cant believe this assignment is over! I feel like i’ve been at it forever! I hope all of #ds106 enjoys our radio show! Please leave your comments on this post!



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Week 5 Summary


WOW! Another super busy week for me.. I worked every single night from 3-10. Also I had two tests this week in Geography. Luckily I managed to get every thing up and posted for my favorite class, DS106!! My weeks worth of work is available below.





Please check out my Thoughs after reviewing Massimo Vignellli’s The Vignelli Cannon.

—Link below

Thoughts and Ideas on Design

My thoughts on Austin Kleon’s Show Your work. I only reviewed chapters one and two. What a brilliant man… I really wish everyone though this broadly! A .pdf of his book is available online.

—Link below!

Austin Kleon for President

Below are my 12 Stars of assignment bank tasks. I created a movie poster with my favorite quote, a digitized me on, an event poster, and a motivational poster. All the details are in my blog post.

—-Link below!

Design Assignments!

My three daily creates this week can be found in my blog post ” Daily Create week 5″. These things are fun to play around with! BUT- i’ve defiantly seen some repeats. 😉

—Link below. 🙂

Daily Create week 5

All week long, I gathered photos that portray Several of the design principals. I put the together in a blog. #designblitz

—-Link below!

Principals of Design PICS!!


Week 4 Summary

I have officially completed the first 1/4th of the fall 2016 semester! As far as Digital Storytelling goes I’m off to a pretty good start. I really thought that I would struggle terribly in this class. Not only because its my first online class, but also because I am such a dork when it comes to anything on computers!

This week was all about audio. When i think of audio generally all I think if is music, however after this week I recognized that audio goes beyond the range of musical production. Audio can be incorporated into pretty much anything in our daily lives. After this week I would probably say that audio is most important and prominent in film. “Moon Graffiti” was a very interesting take on how audio can set a mood. When I closed my eyes, I really felt like i was in a space helmet. The used balances of sound and silence to give the audio a feel like you are in space. Very cool!


This week I also had a really difficult time using audacity. Even with the help desk in info online I was unable to create anything on the program. I have an appointment with Audio resources on Monday at 3 so hopefully they can help me out….

I brainstormed a series of idea for the a Radio show in a blog post (posted below). Please give me some feed back on my topics! I think if we all come together we can have a really good time with this.

Radio Show Brianstorm! (separate post)


We also started tuning into DS106 radio this week. Thursday night I tuned in a little late because of work, but I still managed to get a half hour of listening in! My bumper for the DS106 radio is below-



Also check out my most recent blog post about my thought on Audio storytelling!

Rock and Roll saved my soul


If you’re in for a good laugh, please take a look at my daily creates on twitter, as well!


12 stars worth of assignments-


In this assignment, i had to have a convo with a celeb! I chose hip-hop superstar, Flava Flave. (4 1/2 stars)#audioassignment1544


This is my sound effects story!  audioassignments70 (3 1/2 stars)

I’v had this song stuck in my head all day…. Can you guess what it is? AudioAssignments1526 (2 stars)



What can I say… the crowd loves me. 🙂 Take a look at my Faux stand up act! #AudioAssignments628 (2 stars)

All in all it was a wonderful week! Please leave comment son my blog to respond to. 🙂




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Weekly Summary: Week 3



Wow what another busy week! I cannot believe I am at the end of my third week of my junior year of college. Boy does it fly by! This weeks set of assignments was all based of visual representations and photography. Photography is one of my favorite things to do because it is so broad. You can take photos anytime, anywhere, and of anything you want. There aren’t any qualifications, just a performing camera.

Below this post are all of my blog posts from this week covering the weekly assignments of #DS106. I had a lot of fun doing these assignments this week! They were all very strait forward and easy to follow. The only difficulty I ran into was on my photo-blitzer when I didn’t originally copy over the link for my seven tasks. Luckily, I snagged a photo on my phone before I had navigated away from the window and was able to recover the information in my twitter post.

I love the fact that we can communicate with other students online. I enjoy keeping up with my peers blogs and giving them feedback. Receiving feedback for my blog is also very rewarding. I can not thank everyone enough for all their support and interest! Im ecstatically awaiting for what next week will bring! Please enjoy all of my hard work from week three below. 🙂


Daily Create week 3


4 Star Assignment Bank

4 1/2 star Assignment Bank

Becoming a Better Photographer