Working the Graveyard shift

Hello DS106!

Today Im presenting a video I made from small clips today. Im a chef so sometimes on weekends I have to take one for the team and work a graveyard shift…

For those of you that don’t know a graveyard shift is when you are scheduled to work the late hours of the night into the earlier hours in the morning. Its typically very slow (hence, “graveyard”…haha…get it) and I personally just do a lot of cleaning in that time period.

I chose to do this kind of Storytelling video because what better way to tell a story then show it to people from your point of view. My short film starts with me waking up in bed, and then the camera flips around as if for the rest of the time you will be seeing things from my point of view. The song “bad day” is playing for the whole movie. I thought it to be fitting because whenever I have to work graveyard i’m very slump….

The whole movie was created on iMovie from 28 clips recorded on my iPhone 6s that I strapped to a headband on my head for most of the duration of recording (hahah!), Plus a title and credit. Granted i’m not really the most interesting woman in the world BUT.. I tried to compile actually things I do before work, with the fact i’m also a college student. Things such as drinking cheap red juice and eating a peice of left over pizza before work.. un locking and locking the door to my apartment.. ect..

I also though it to be necessary to keep checking my watch because thats really what I actually do. I made the video feel “rushed” in a sense, like the viewer is in the same time crunch as I was while watching. I thought the end to be kind cool in the dark because lighter things stood out such as my car lights and dash board controls, it really set the mood that it was at the dark of night!

Overall, I wanted this video to be kinda relatable because storytelling is so much deeper on personal levels. So to all those other college students out there who feel me give this video a watch and tell me what you think!

link below.