12 star Video assignment

I really would have preferred to do the other option however its a very busy week for me here at UMW, and i’m not sure if I could meet with anyone :/

Im really really shy in front of a camera at all. I recorded all 4 of these videos in the comfort of my own apartment (sorry for my paw paws tv in the background..) on my Macbook Pro. I really have strove to go out of the box in this class…. so please give me feedback! I think the only think I really need to work on is eye contact with the camera. All of my videos were uploaded on my youtube channel, click on any four of the videos ot bring you to my page! Enjoy!


Here are my 12 stars worth of video assignments!

Green screen-4 stars- #VideoAssignments1990

This one was kinda funny…. I was doing research on green screen applications and I saw that I already had one on my macbook pro (i’m not dumb I swear.. I just got my mac book recently lol) ! It is a preloaded application called photo booth and anyone with a macbook has access! All you have to do if switch to effect. This is me under water, chillin! lol

Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal – 2 stars- #VideoAssignments1916

In light of recent events this week….Watch big daddy Rick get pissed when carl doesnt eat his breakfast! Does anyone else watch this show? I cant get enough really.. I imagine a really whiny voice going “Carllllll….. eat your cheerios Carllllllll”! I cant afford milk because I’m poor! Don’t judge! lol


Arts and crafts Tutorial- 3 stars- #VideoAssignments1886

A cool thing that I can do with ribbon! Watch me teach the world how to make the perfect girly bow! I learned it years ago doing cheer. Its very easy for some simple house improvements. 🙂

Product review- 3 stars- #VideoAssignments154

HA.. My friend got me these and I really use them all the time just because..😂 I live on the water, so when hurricanes and storms hit my power always goes out. I use these to see around and provide comedic relief. The really do work like the “real” thing, with the exception of the limited amount of buttons. I recommend buying for fun.