Final project Brainstorm week 12

So I was recently incredibly inspired by a television commercial I saw a couple weeks ago while watching the 2016 presidential election. Its a campaign launched by Pandora Radio, an online streaming radio station, called “The Next Song Matters”. You can watch the commercial below-


It really just changed my whole way of processing and understanding music.. it took my mind off the election for ten minutes, and made me think, what does music really mean to me. Different tones, speeds, sound effects, implications ect, they all enact different memories, feelings, or emotions. But above all, while watching this commercial I realized how expressive music is to the mind, body, and soul.

For this final project, I want to pick a series of songs that stimulate specific emotions, and incorporate them into my assignment. Throughout my “story” I want to convey in some medium how the song makes me think and feel.

Questions I am to answer (just to name a few) What emotions does the music bring to me? What do I picture in my head while listening? ? What is the message being conveyed? What kind of tones are being used and where in the tune? How does this song change my attitude? Do I relate, and how? Who is the artist, what could he look like? What instraments are being used? Do different instruments enact different feelings? Whats elects more of a responce, the lyrics or the instrumental? Is there a pattern in the tune? Can I guess when (time-period wise) the tune was published?

Although one would assume this as a whole would be a audio project, i’m going to spread my idea throughout several mediums on the internet.  I will use Soundcloud for audio assignments, Youtube for video assignments, twitter for written assignments, and Flickr for photographic assignments.

Throughout this next week im going to be listening to a lot of different music on my iTunes library. Im choose my iTunes because I have over 3000 songs in every genre imaginable. I have film soundtracks, sound bits, instrumentals, vocals, screamo, soft, oldies, newies…. you name it. Ive also had the same iTunes library ever since iTunes existed ( and you had to download it VIA disk drive or floppy disk) in 2001. Im going to be listing songs that I think are appropriate for this assignment below (mostly to help myself but everyone is welcome to listen). In the week following thanksgiving im planning on having all of the assignments I plan on completing from the assignment bank in my SECOND update(12/2).



Please let me know what ya’ll think! For this assignment I think that feedback could be really cool and useful because not everyone hears things in the same way. Maybe I could even get some music/song suggestions for to analyze in my project.

PLEASEEEE Leave comments, and everyone have a hearty thanksgiving!!!!



Song list-

-Eating like Kings – by Shawn James

-Trust Issues- By Drake

-Rea Sremmurd- Up like Donald Trump




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