Austin Kleon for President

1. You don’t have to be a Genius.

It’s all about the ideas you share! You don’t have to be a Mozart or Picasso… I love this concept because every single different person in the world has different ideas to bring to the table. And once great thinkers come together, revolutionary things can be generated. Kleon is right, we have to forget about the conception of a “genius” and nurture basic thoughts and ideas and grow off the feedback. We must adjust our own expectations in order to be broader minded!

2. Think process, not product.

I think this segment of Show your Work by Austin Kleon aligns perfectly with my post about my thoughs on design. I think it is so essential to share the process of personal creation with the world. From your ideas, other can generate ideas. Also, you can receive feed back from others about suggestions for alteration in process. Every single creation has a process to create it. Some are minimal, some not! However, it is important to put more thought into the process, than the final product. Even though the final product is what people will see, if it has faults, thats on you! Take the time to create something that is visually appealing. I demonstrated exactly what Austin Kleon is talking about in my DesignBlitz and in my assignment bank assignments. I always share my process of how I created what I shared, and what resources I needed to create it!