Sounds Of Your Day

sound cloud:

Throughout my day today I recorded several different sounds and compiled all of them into one stream that I uploaded on my SoundCloud Page. These are just some normal things I hear walking to and from class on a daily basis! I woke up, drove to campus, had two classes, ran to lunch and came home! This assignment is worth 4 stars in the assignment bank. I think this assignment relates to our discussion on the internet and story telling because if you listen to my video it tells you a story of what I did today. It can infer where I was, what I was doing, who was there, all key points in storytelling uploaded into a SoundCloud mp3. Enjoy!


Rhythms With Things

“Rhythms With Things”

In this assignment I was assigned to find things around the house to make a rhythm with. The items I gathered were a metal plate, a glass plate, a empty plastic water bottle, a full plastic water bottle, a spoon, and a pencil. Im not very musical so it took me about 15 minutes to divide up all the different sounds that all my items generated into something that sounded somewhat uniform. This assignment was worth 4 stars toward my weekly 8. This assignment can relate to our discussion about the internet because I am using the internet to share my own creativity. I want to do a lot with sound cloud because I think you can gather a lot more from sounds than from other forms of media. Enjoy!



I read the article on “A logic named Joe“. I believe that Leinster’s vision of having a “logic”, or an apparatus that serves as  a reference source as well as a entertainment box, most accurately aligns to modern day where you see almost every human having an access point to the internet (whether it be VIA Cell phone, computer, or tablet). His description of a large “tank” being the central hub of information coordinates precisely with modern servers that store giant loads of data and information from the internet.

Joe the logic is pretty much just a modern computer, or smart phone. Technology IS the solution that works too well. In most cases its easily assessable at lighting fast speeds. Although the accessibility to knowledge within logics presented conflict within the short story, I think that today it would be a conflict without access to Internet. Personally, I rely on search engines every day to acquire information quickly, and accurately to the palm of my hand.  Logics accurately portray that same feature that can be performed on the modern internet.