to new ds106 students-

The course in the beginning  is very scary, making your domain was the hardest part of the whole class and it was within the first week.

After that it is just having fun! I urge shy people such as myself to open and because hey, its the internet.. who cares lol.

I do wish however we had the weekend to complete assignments. That would have really helped in some cases! Another thing that I think is beyond our control, is when some people don’t see comments and approve them! I would like to see all my comments, i wish we didnt have to approve!

What I enjoyed most about the course was how flexible it was, the assignment bank assignments were just plain fun in some cases! lol!

OVERALL- Don’t under estimate the time it takes you to finish a weeks worth of work. I would some times spend over 10-15 hrs a week on this class, mostly because some assignments were collected throughout my day!

Loved this class!