Principals of Design PICS!!

This butterfly is representational of the principle of design known as Balance. The butterfly is symmetrical, meaning the weight of a composition is evenly distributed in the insects wings. I found him on the stairs of Marshall hall. 🙂



This Photo represents the concept of  dominance. Dominance is explained to be a series of varying degrees that are emphasized in design. This photo is an example of continuance. Your eyes are immediately drawn down the direction of the grape vines. This photo was taken in Buellton, CA at Fes Parker winery. (Que the coonskin caps)


This photo is an example of use of space, particularly positive and negative space. This concept demonstrates the difference between the “figure” (my legs and feet) and the background (the blank concrete).

Positive and Negative space

The bricks on Campus walk are a perfect example of rhythm. Intervals exist between the elements.