Design Assignments!

My favorite movie quote ever. :,) Its from the original Zoolander. The photo was edited on by yours truly! (2 stars) #DesignAssignments1974

My favorite Zoolander quote ever....

My digitized self! I tried to pick a photo of me, and design my avatar to look exactly like me. This is what I came up with! Made with BitMoji on my iPhone! BitMoji is actually a really cool app! You can use it to replace emoji’s on your iPhone. I downloaded that app from the apple app store, and create myself! You can add all kind of icons of yourself that will show up on your phone as a separate keyboard. SO cool! (3 stars) #DesignAssignments1918

Digital me!

My event advertisement for my friends fraternity I made. Octoberfest! I made this on two iPad apps called Facetune and Afterlight! I copied the base I made with those two apps, and added the German Drinking gal on Microsoft Powerpoint. I the pasted that version to Microsoft word and added nice borders and small words and such. Its so ironic that this is an assignment because I just made this and had them laminated for the boys yesterday! (4 stars) #DesignAssignments1893

October Fest



My motivational poster.. HAHAHA. The most classic photo…. anyone who ran track and field and high school will know!!!! I made this on . I already had the photo.. Names not to be disclosed! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3 stars) #DesignAssignments1887