Week 4 Summary

I have officially completed the first 1/4th of the fall 2016 semester! As far as Digital Storytelling goes I’m off to a pretty good start. I really thought that I would struggle terribly in this class. Not only because its my first online class, but also because I am such a dork when it comes to anything on computers!

This week was all about audio. When i think of audio generally all I think if is music, however after this week I recognized that audio goes beyond the range of musical production. Audio can be incorporated into pretty much anything in our daily lives. After this week I would probably say that audio is most important and prominent in film. “Moon Graffiti” was a very interesting take on how audio can set a mood. When I closed my eyes, I really felt like i was in a space helmet. The used balances of sound and silence to give the audio a feel like you are in space. Very cool!


This week I also had a really difficult time using audacity. Even with the help desk in info online I was unable to create anything on the program. I have an appointment with Audio resources on Monday at 3 so hopefully they can help me out….

I brainstormed a series of idea for the a Radio show in a blog post (posted below). Please give me some feed back on my topics! I think if we all come together we can have a really good time with this.

Radio Show Brianstorm! (separate post)


We also started tuning into DS106 radio this week. Thursday night I tuned in a little late because of work, but I still managed to get a half hour of listening in! My bumper for the DS106 radio is below-



Also check out my most recent blog post about my thought on Audio storytelling!

Rock and Roll saved my soul


If you’re in for a good laugh, please take a look at my daily creates on twitter, as well!


12 stars worth of assignments-


In this assignment, i had to have a convo with a celeb! I chose hip-hop superstar, Flava Flave. (4 1/2 stars)#audioassignment1544


This is my sound effects story!  audioassignments70 (3 1/2 stars)

I’v had this song stuck in my head all day…. Can you guess what it is? AudioAssignments1526 (2 stars)



What can I say… the crowd loves me. 🙂 Take a look at my Faux stand up act! #AudioAssignments628 (2 stars)

All in all it was a wonderful week! Please leave comment son my blog to respond to. 🙂




Abigail Hunt