4 Star Assignment Bank

This 4 star assignment required me to take a “bad picture”. I’m sure you can you recognize what this photo is of… but how much green is pictured? Whats the total amount of money in the photo? (answer at bottom of this post) #VisualAssignments #VisualTutorials1658 #ds106


This was very cool! I wanted to create an amount.. or something to figure out. If not, whats the fun?! I morphed the photo using the app called “Facetune“. Enjoy!









Answer: 20$

Daily Create week 3

I am really enjoying the Daily Create. I have so much fun with these! This week, I was instructed to make my imaginary music manuscript. Bellow are three different musical creations of mine I posted Via Twitter (@abbissss). Some drawn from my collection of knowledge from reading The Method Behind The Music.. others self-inspired. Enjoy!




Week 2 Summary

Well week two of #ds106 is finally completed! i really cant wait to see what else i’m going to learn in this course. This week, our central theme was the internet. we read and responded to two articles (http://abbissss1.com/uncategorized/internet46/ AND http://abbissss1.com/uncategorized/web20story/ ) and started our daily creates! my daily create tweets can be found bellow-

I can not wait to see what more daily creates come out! we also started or weekly assignment bank. I did two audio assignments that were four stars each. My favorite one is below!

All in all I feel very comfortable now, more comfortable then I did last week. Im understanding all the tools and connections word-press has to offer. I cant wait for the rest of the semester!

Sounds Of Your Day

sound cloud:

Throughout my day today I recorded several different sounds and compiled all of them into one stream that I uploaded on my SoundCloud Page. These are just some normal things I hear walking to and from class on a daily basis! I woke up, drove to campus, had two classes, ran to lunch and came home! This assignment is worth 4 stars in the assignment bank. I think this assignment relates to our discussion on the internet and story telling because if you listen to my video it tells you a story of what I did today. It can infer where I was, what I was doing, who was there, all key points in storytelling uploaded into a SoundCloud mp3. Enjoy!


Rhythms With Things

“Rhythms With Things”

In this assignment I was assigned to find things around the house to make a rhythm with. The items I gathered were a metal plate, a glass plate, a empty plastic water bottle, a full plastic water bottle, a spoon, and a pencil. Im not very musical so it took me about 15 minutes to divide up all the different sounds that all my items generated into something that sounded somewhat uniform. This assignment was worth 4 stars toward my weekly 8. This assignment can relate to our discussion about the internet because I am using the internet to share my own creativity. I want to do a lot with sound cloud because I think you can gather a lot more from sounds than from other forms of media. Enjoy!



I read the article on “A logic named Joe“. I believe that Leinster’s vision of having a “logic”, or an apparatus that serves as  a reference source as well as a entertainment box, most accurately aligns to modern day where you see almost every human having an access point to the internet (whether it be VIA Cell phone, computer, or tablet). His description of a large “tank” being the central hub of information coordinates precisely with modern servers that store giant loads of data and information from the internet.

Joe the logic is pretty much just a modern computer, or smart phone. Technology IS the solution that works too well. In most cases its easily assessable at lighting fast speeds. Although the accessibility to knowledge within logics presented conflict within the short story, I think that today it would be a conflict without access to Internet. Personally, I rely on search engines every day to acquire information quickly, and accurately to the palm of my hand.  Logics accurately portray that same feature that can be performed on the modern internet.



This article most defiantly got me thinking. Traditionally, when you hear the word “storytelling” you imagine verbal communication between between several different actors. I was specifically interested in the elaboration of each social media giant’s contribution to the online story telling frenzy. In one of my annotations I relayed my thoughts on Twitter and Facebook aligning with my mental vision of “storytelling”. These sites have the ability to portray thoughts, impression of surroundings, along with an elaboration on peoples personal experiences. Facebook and Twitter drastically changed the way people communicate with each other (especially in the past 10 years).

However, although these blogging hot spots can contain such diverse content to me they still do not mimic story telling. I think storytelling should be reserved for spoken interactions between people. Allowing internet communication to be unanimous to verbal communication would inherently force us giving up a human tradition that can be traced back to the beginning of time.



Flickr – (click photo to bring you to my flickr page)


Weekly Summary

This is my first online course. So far i think this class is very cool! Although I only joined the class Wednesday, I managed to break up the weeks worth of work involved in the DS106 bootcamp into 3 days of work. The detailed to-do list was very helpful in aiding me through steps 1-6, especially since I have never created my own domain/website! I really thought I would be up the creek with no paddle but I caught on rather quickly. I had a little bit of a problem when downloading hypothes.is, but after watching a couple youtube videos I finally figured out what the program was, and how to use it. While reading my article I learned that we have a centralized internet ( revolving mainly around the government and large corporations). This centralization limits our access to sites and limits users to what they can post on the internet. The only thing that drove me crazy throughout this whole process was figuring out how to access the microphone on the computer to record on Soundcloud. Luckily, several youtube videos later and I was a Soundcloud master. I even added some music on there! i really enjoyed creating all of the social media accounts. Not really sure why, but its just exciting to have fresh ones! The world of blogging is defiantly pretty wicked. I have really enjoyed building up my site. Below are some of my newer posts from the past couple days. My social media accounts are listed in my blog “New Social Media Accounts”. All other blog posts can be found on my menu bar at the top right of my website.  Cheers!



The WYO- This is me at the top of big horn mountain in Wyoming! This was the first day I ever FlyFished. I didn’t do to bad either!







The Internet

#1- I chose to read the article “How to Break Open the Web“. I feel like this article as a whole really explains the problem of de-centralized internet era. Rarely do we ever go on a site and wonder what other 3rd party could be browsing at the same pace we are. The main point of this article is basically to “free the internet”. The author argues that government and corporations (such as Google or Facebook) are rapidly creating a centralized network that in turn makes it restrictive to us as users. I don’t believe enough people are aware of the repercussions of a centralized internet (I defiantly wasn’t before reading this). However, I feel that many internet users habitually visit certain sites or phone applications  (an app is basically a portal to one set website) because thats where the central nodes are on the internet. I think that this could be contributing to the centralization of the internet, as well as people not thinking about where their data goes when its published on the internet (or caring even). On the other hand, thats how i’ve always accessed data on the internet. I access Google, Facebook, and Twitter almost everyday without the thought of the government or corporations accessing my data. All of this begs my final question, could ignorance be the problem? Is it just that we don’t think about what were putting onto the internet? As far as reclaiming control to the users, I don’t think that its possible to change peoples habitual actions without removing some large important components of the internet.

#2- To me, the internet is just a portal for acquiring  information and entertainment. The larger part of my internet usage is done on my IPhone/IPad. This is primarily spread out through several social media apps, Google, games, and of course, schoolwork. The best part of it all is its super fast and free to access. Anything you could ever want to know is available to you within seconds. Nowadays I don’t even need to leave my apartment, the internet serves as a portal to the outside world. This class for example, DS106, I participating in a college course without even leaving my living room, and still having all the same resources I would if I were in the classroom.

#3- Do you think people are too dependent on the internet?

-In what ways would removing the internet harm our economy?