Thoughts and Ideas on Design

This was a very good read. Massimo Vignelli is a brilliant man. my favorite quote from this whole short booklet was the very first sentence under pragmatics.

“Whatever we do, if not understood, fails to communicate and is wasted effort.”

I feel like this quote is central to the whole discipline of art and design. For example, (small rant from a geography major) in the art and design of cartography if the cartographer does not do a good job creating a visual representing the real world onto a map, than the map reader will not know how to interpret it. If it is not understood as a map, then its just a bunch of scribbles on a peice of paper. That same thing goes for interpretation of art. If the message you are trying to portray in your visual representation is misunderstood by the viewer than all it can be is a medium and paper with no memorandum, or in a matter of speaking, a picture worth zero words. All effort that is put into the final product is suddenly irrelevant. Clarity is key when creating any work of art (speaking broadly about art).

This short bit about pragmatics goes hand in hand with discipline. Every detail is just as important as the other because the final outcome is a combination of all  details. I like to think about this concept in relation to a combustable engine. If all parts do not work, than the final product is useless, just a steaming pile of steel. Its the same concept when talking about design. Even leaving one component out of your product can hinder its overall appearance and delivery. You must include all the ingredients in the cake in order for it to taste good!



Thanks for reading my thoughts on Massimo Vignelli’s short booklet the Vignelli’s cannon. The link to for the PDF to this short booklet is posted below.


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Daily Create week 5

Daily Create 9/26

Digital Safety is important to all users! Make the internet a safe place for everyone.


Daily create 9/28

Circles inside circles inside circles……..

Week 4 Summary

I have officially completed the first 1/4th of the fall 2016 semester! As far as Digital Storytelling goes I’m off to a pretty good start. I really thought that I would struggle terribly in this class. Not only because its my first online class, but also because I am such a dork when it comes to anything on computers!

This week was all about audio. When i think of audio generally all I think if is music, however after this week I recognized that audio goes beyond the range of musical production. Audio can be incorporated into pretty much anything in our daily lives. After this week I would probably say that audio is most important and prominent in film. “Moon Graffiti” was a very interesting take on how audio can set a mood. When I closed my eyes, I really felt like i was in a space helmet. The used balances of sound and silence to give the audio a feel like you are in space. Very cool!


This week I also had a really difficult time using audacity. Even with the help desk in info online I was unable to create anything on the program. I have an appointment with Audio resources on Monday at 3 so hopefully they can help me out….

I brainstormed a series of idea for the a Radio show in a blog post (posted below). Please give me some feed back on my topics! I think if we all come together we can have a really good time with this.

Radio Show Brianstorm! (separate post)


We also started tuning into DS106 radio this week. Thursday night I tuned in a little late because of work, but I still managed to get a half hour of listening in! My bumper for the DS106 radio is below-



Also check out my most recent blog post about my thought on Audio storytelling!

Rock and Roll saved my soul


If you’re in for a good laugh, please take a look at my daily creates on twitter, as well!


12 stars worth of assignments-


In this assignment, i had to have a convo with a celeb! I chose hip-hop superstar, Flava Flave. (4 1/2 stars)#audioassignment1544


This is my sound effects story!  audioassignments70 (3 1/2 stars)

I’v had this song stuck in my head all day…. Can you guess what it is? AudioAssignments1526 (2 stars)



What can I say… the crowd loves me. 🙂 Take a look at my Faux stand up act! #AudioAssignments628 (2 stars)

All in all it was a wonderful week! Please leave comment son my blog to respond to. 🙂




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Radio Show Brianstorm! (separate post)


So I’m totally obsessed with everything fashionista. I Follow over one hundred fashion accounts on my Instagram and I love them! There is really just so much to include when talking about fashion. Theres the new, the old; the pretty, and the ugly; the functional, and functional.

This radio show can showcase everything you want to know about the fashion world. Classic, country, metal, bland, all styles will be represented. There is always developing this in the fashion world, this radio broadcast could be a source of information to people on the latest fashions and releases. We could even have a segment where we mash up different styles.

While the radio show is broadcasting there will be a trending hashtag on Twitter. This is where people can ask questions to be answered on the show. We could even have a call in segment as well!

please let me know what ya’ll think.

PS~~~~this was in my radio show post fro Friday but i decided to split them up to halt confusion~~~~




Rock and Roll saved my soul

Hello all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite film growing up was The Sound Of Music. I always loved to flow of energy that Julia Andrews delivered as she would coast from contrasting scenes in the movie. All songs in the whole musical film have a different mood. The tune “Sixteen going on Seventeen” has a completely different atmospheric feel than the main tune “The Sound of Music”. My favorite tune in the whole film, “So long, Farewell” starts out with a very hype, and then as the children start to go to sleep, the music slows down and gets very lethargic and sluggish. If you’ve never heard ant of these songs, I’ve attached a youtube video below with the soundtrack.

These scenes are perfect examples of how sound and audio can drive story’s. From love, to hate; happiness, to sadness, the audio elects particular moods that are meant to intrigue the audience. In the case of a horror film, the music can be suggestive of whats going to happen next. Horror film music creates sort of a foreshadowing effect. When ever the music gets fast and more intense it keeps you on your toes for whats going to happen next. The crazy beats and edits in horror film music can be the thing that actually scares viewers sometimes. Sound drives story’s because it activates an sparks emotions. When artist talk about emotions on an relatable level. When emotions are elected people are more likely to be intrigued in whatever story is being told. As Jad Abumrad said in his short video about how radio creates empathy, music is truly “powered by the absence of pictures”. I love this analogy because unlike in musicals, plain audio only appeals to one sense, hearing, and all the information has to get across VIA audio. My favorite genre of music is rock. I jam out everyday! From old school to new school, I enjoy it all. Its the perfect music to run to. It also can really mellow me out when I’m trying to focus or relax. Rock on!!!

I tuned into the DS106 radio when I got home from work (I work every weekday until 1015). It was about 10:20 pm-ish and I listened for about 15-20 minutes. A song aired that quiet literally made me want to jump in my jeep and head to the Outer Banks, NC! I could picture myself in a Tommy Bahama chair with my feet in the sand sipping on a Pina-colada in a big floppy hat. I absorbed the beat of the song and it brought about positive vibes in the time it was on. The song changed to a more subtle tune and my positive vibes disappeared and I just felt sleepy. Slower songs make me tired, especially at night! My first two assignments from the assignment bank were audio assignments. I had a great time! The first of two was to create my own beat and the second was to create an audio recording of tid-bit’s of my day. Both of these assignments can be found in my Week Two Weekly Post.  (link below)

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Week 2 Summary

Weekly Summary: Week 3



Wow what another busy week! I cannot believe I am at the end of my third week of my junior year of college. Boy does it fly by! This weeks set of assignments was all based of visual representations and photography. Photography is one of my favorite things to do because it is so broad. You can take photos anytime, anywhere, and of anything you want. There aren’t any qualifications, just a performing camera.

Below this post are all of my blog posts from this week covering the weekly assignments of #DS106. I had a lot of fun doing these assignments this week! They were all very strait forward and easy to follow. The only difficulty I ran into was on my photo-blitzer when I didn’t originally copy over the link for my seven tasks. Luckily, I snagged a photo on my phone before I had navigated away from the window and was able to recover the information in my twitter post.

I love the fact that we can communicate with other students online. I enjoy keeping up with my peers blogs and giving them feedback. Receiving feedback for my blog is also very rewarding. I can not thank everyone enough for all their support and interest! Im ecstatically awaiting for what next week will bring! Please enjoy all of my hard work from week three below. 🙂


Daily Create week 3


4 Star Assignment Bank

4 1/2 star Assignment Bank

Becoming a Better Photographer





I have always loved taking photos. Since I was young I’ve always had some kind of apparatus on my person that could take picture. When I was younger it was a Polaroid camera, now its my iPhone 6s. I still take many photos, several everyday perhaps. However, as the article “The Internet and photography PHOTO 2.0” opened with, our way and purpose of taking photos has changed. A good 75% of my photos I take everyday are on the application “snapchat“. I will take goofy photos of myself or things i’m doing or see throughout the day. My approach to taking photos is to capture the memory completely.

I like to partly re-live whole scenarios when I revisit old photos. The feeling in all my photos is pure joy, because why would you want to capture anything else? After review my albums on my phone and old picture, I have determined i successfully capture happiness. After reviewing these articles, I think I can improve on taking photos as a narrative, accounting for different connected events. Also, I think I should post my photos in order to collect feedback from cyber-space. By doing this I believe I can become a superb amateur photographer.



This post is about my first photo-blitz experience! Unfortunately I didn’t grab the code in time because my computer died right in the middle.. but I took a a photo of all the tasks I was to complete. This was so much fun! I ran all around my apartment finding photos. I hope we do this every week!

1 A photo of something old or aged today.

2 A photo of an object that represents how old I feel.

3 A photo of a plastic object

4 A photo of an object that is hard to find or recognize


5 A photo of a landscape.

7 A picture that represents a sound. (Boiling water)

Becoming a Better Photographer

The following post is several pictures in which I found

•  selection
•   contrast
•   perspective
•   depth
•   balance
•   moment
•   lighting
•   foreground/background

after reading Becoming Better Photographers. Enjoy!