Daily Create week 7

Below are my two daily creates this week uploaded VIA twitter. I actually made both of these photos on an app called “Faceover”. The app takes existing pictures and allows you to detail crop them. The app only costs .99 cents and its wicked fun!!! Enjoy my jokes 🙂


Just ignore the fact that this is impossible haha!!

On this day in 1810 Oktoberfest came to exisitance, and in 1964 USSR leads space race.

THE COMPLETE.. Internet radio.

I have to say ,when I began this project I really thought I would have a hard time keeping up. Im not a fan of collaborating with people who I don’t know. You never know who is going to put forth the effort and who is not. With this class being online, my fears escalated because I literally don’t know anything about anyones work ethic besides what i can see on peoples blogs! all i could think was, how was a supposed to pick a group that I know will put forth as much effort as I do! THANKFULLY, I lucked out with an awesome group to work with.

Communication on twitter  in the beginning was rough, however after we all met in person for the first time we all flowed together. Our group will meet 3 total times during the length of this assignment. We met on Sunday, Tuesday, and are set to meet again on Thursday. Even if all group members couldn’t physically make it to the meeting, we were all there each thanks to Skype!

I contributed to this assignment is several different areas. Same as everyone, I created a 5 minute segment of my choosing. My segment was basically me joking about somethings that we use internet on our phones for that we don’t really notice! Were so dependent on our smart phones that at times they can seem incredibly invaluable. Im pretty shy generally, and don’t really like other people to hear me present anything at all. So this is a really big step for me! 🙂 I wrote myself out a script of some sorts to go off of while I was recording. I wanted to make it really relatable, just like a real radio show host would do. Also I tried really hard to not have any gaps in my speech, because in a live broadcast long silences are awkward for all parties involved… It took me about 10 or 12 try’s to get all my words right (almost all of them…), but i finally made a final product that i’m really proud of! I hope everyone enjoys it!

I also wrote up, and had us all record our introduction and conclusion in our Tuesday night meeting. Again, we kinda tried to mock a real radio broadcast! I hope you all enjoy it!


I also recorded on of the 3 commercials required for our complete broadcast. My commercial was an advertisement to come to UMW! My full recoding is below-

My final contribution was my radio bumper. Its kinda silly, but fullfils the requirement, lol! Take a listen below!


All in all this was a really really fun project! I had a wonderful time working together with my peers. Everyone was very collaborative when it came to completing all required materials. This is my first radio show I have ever done! We are still working out the kinks on audacity, but it should be a finished product by Thursday evening.

Assignments Bank Week 6


SO! This week in my life…. my computer broke! 😀 I just got it back today, so this week I did my assignments on the soundcloud app on my phone! A simple download, just go to the Apple app store and download it for free! Although the application doesn’t have all the functions as the website, it still worked for what I needed it for! Please enjoy my weeks work of Audio assignments below. 🙂

My Friday night sound effect combination. I really do wish that there were more assignments than just the sound board-ish ones!! I made this on freesound! Its probably my 3rd of 4th assignment that required it! Its a fun program! There are so many options the possibilities are endless. (3stars) #AudioAssignments1932


This is one of my all time favorite songs ever!! My dad and I used to listen to the album all the time. I actually already had the instrumental version on my iTunes! I like to download music instrumentals so I can sing to them either in the shower, or on long road trips with my friends! Can you guess what the name of this song is??? (3 1/2 stars) #AudioAssignments1446

I can not wait for halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fall is the most beautiful time of the year in my opinion! There could be spookier sounds, however freesound and soundboard.com only had a couple mediocre ones.. Enjoy my spooooooooky sounds.. 🙂 (4 1/2 stars) #AudioAssignments1418

Internet Radio-show baby!!

Im so excited to host our own radio! Our station is going to be about our link to the internet (or the lack there of…). We are going to share some funny stories and scenarios that will be very funny and relatable! If you read my last post you’d see that my computer decided to blow up on me on Monday night.. better the macbook than my head…


This radio bumper was made on my iPhone and my iPad! I downloaded an app called “frost” that lets you put voice-overs onto audio.. and this radio bumper was born… Please enjoy! If my Computer is fixed by Friday ill upload the recording on my computer so it comes out a little clearer. 🙂 Stay tuned for updates!

UPDATE: 4pm Friday… my computer is still not ready. 🙁


Another week of junior year under my belt! AND my sister gets married next week. :,) (photos to follow check out my flickr)

In part, I’m very glad that this assignment forces us to come together outside of the box of our computers. HOWEVER… It has been very difficult finding a meeting time for all of us to make. (or even all get together to discuss things online!) Two of my group members do not even live in Fredericksburg so finding a time that they can skype/meet with us at UMW has been really really hard. I think this assignment is going to be A LOT easier for groups that consist of all UMW students who live on/close to campus. Because of this obstacle, we could only get so much done before Friday at 12pm. We have scheduled a meeting on Sunday at 10AM in the ITCC to discuss things further, so I will be updating this post on Sunday with the most recent information.

Thus far, we have made all our decisions in a twitter direct message. There are 5 group members. We have decided that our show is going to have a central theme along the lines of “life before the internet”. We are planning on dividing up the time into 5 minute segments ( 5 minutes for each of us to talk). Each segment will have a topic of information about life before the internet. The remainder of the time will be covered with commercials and bumpers. Thats really as far as we got! Please stay tuned for updated information this  Sunday!


UPDATE::: Sunday, Oct 9th 2016

This morning I met with my group for the first time. Getting together is really so much less frustrating then trying to communicate VIA twitter! It was so nice to be face to face talking with everyone about what we had thought up for the radio show. By this point, everyone has chosen a topic of something to talk about. The Segments are as follows;

1.Fictional place without internet (Freda), 2. If I existed before the internet (Courtney) 3. Outdoor activity’s before the internet (Amber) 4. Video games before the internet (J)  5. Before cell phones were web-enabled (ME!!)

In that order! I though of a really great idea, where before the end of each segment there will be a trivia question. The answer to the question will be reviled by the next person on the list. (so, Courtney will answer Freda’s question, Amber will answer Courtney’s, ect.)

My segment will be entirely about what we did before we had access to the internet at the tip of our fingers…our cell phones! Things such as navigation, looking up contact information, online dating, and more! Ill explain the function we use this as on the phone, and then how we USED to do it before we were privileged enough to access these things on the mobile phone! Not gonna give up too much.. but its gonna be a good 5 minutes 🙂


Our group is meeting again on Tuesday at 7pm to put everything together, please stay tuned for next weeks post with all our new info!



Abigail HUnt


Weekly Summary Week 6

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!! Another wild week.. (I feel like I say that in every weekly post lol) My computer decided to bite me in the butt and break, however I tuffed through and completed all my assignments this week! Links are below 🙂

This is our Progress thus far with the Radio show. Please read my blog to see how far we’ve gotten in our process! You wont be disappointed. 🙂



Here is my little Bumper! I recorded it on SoundCloud. Check it out in my blog post. 🙂

–link below

Internet Radio-show baby!!



My three daily creates this week. 🙂 I like to think I’m funny sometimes….. Enjoy! Made on my iPad. Jokes generated by yours truly. 😉

links below–

My 10 Stars worth of Audio assignments. Again, i did ALL these with my iPad and iPhone. Please check out my process in my blog post 🙂

link below-

Assignments Bank Week 6

Week 5 Summary


WOW! Another super busy week for me.. I worked every single night from 3-10. Also I had two tests this week in Geography. Luckily I managed to get every thing up and posted for my favorite class, DS106!! My weeks worth of work is available below.





Please check out my Thoughs after reviewing Massimo Vignellli’s The Vignelli Cannon.

—Link below

Thoughts and Ideas on Design

My thoughts on Austin Kleon’s Show Your work. I only reviewed chapters one and two. What a brilliant man… I really wish everyone though this broadly! A .pdf of his book is available online.

—Link below!

Austin Kleon for President

Below are my 12 Stars of assignment bank tasks. I created a movie poster with my favorite quote, a digitized me on, an event poster, and a motivational poster. All the details are in my blog post.

—-Link below!

Design Assignments!

My three daily creates this week can be found in my blog post ” Daily Create week 5″. These things are fun to play around with! BUT- i’ve defiantly seen some repeats. 😉

—Link below. 🙂

Daily Create week 5

All week long, I gathered photos that portray Several of the design principals. I put the together in a blog. #designblitz

—-Link below!

Principals of Design PICS!!


Design Assignments!

My favorite movie quote ever. :,) Its from the original Zoolander. The photo was edited on PicFont.com by yours truly! (2 stars) #DesignAssignments1974

My favorite Zoolander quote ever....

My digitized self! I tried to pick a photo of me, and design my avatar to look exactly like me. This is what I came up with! Made with BitMoji on my iPhone! BitMoji is actually a really cool app! You can use it to replace emoji’s on your iPhone. I downloaded that app from the apple app store, and create myself! You can add all kind of icons of yourself that will show up on your phone as a separate keyboard. SO cool! (3 stars) #DesignAssignments1918

Digital me!

My event advertisement for my friends fraternity I made. Octoberfest! I made this on two iPad apps called Facetune and Afterlight! I copied the base I made with those two apps, and added the German Drinking gal on Microsoft Powerpoint. I the pasted that version to Microsoft word and added nice borders and small words and such. Its so ironic that this is an assignment because I just made this and had them laminated for the boys yesterday! (4 stars) #DesignAssignments1893

October Fest



My motivational poster.. HAHAHA. The most classic photo…. anyone who ran track and field and high school will know!!!! I made this on diy.despair.com . I already had the photo.. Names not to be disclosed! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3 stars) #DesignAssignments1887



Austin Kleon for President

1. You don’t have to be a Genius.

It’s all about the ideas you share! You don’t have to be a Mozart or Picasso… I love this concept because every single different person in the world has different ideas to bring to the table. And once great thinkers come together, revolutionary things can be generated. Kleon is right, we have to forget about the conception of a “genius” and nurture basic thoughts and ideas and grow off the feedback. We must adjust our own expectations in order to be broader minded!

2. Think process, not product.

I think this segment of Show your Work by Austin Kleon aligns perfectly with my post about my thoughs on design. I think it is so essential to share the process of personal creation with the world. From your ideas, other can generate ideas. Also, you can receive feed back from others about suggestions for alteration in process. Every single creation has a process to create it. Some are minimal, some not! However, it is important to put more thought into the process, than the final product. Even though the final product is what people will see, if it has faults, thats on you! Take the time to create something that is visually appealing. I demonstrated exactly what Austin Kleon is talking about in my DesignBlitz and in my assignment bank assignments. I always share my process of how I created what I shared, and what resources I needed to create it!



Principals of Design PICS!!

This butterfly is representational of the principle of design known as Balance. The butterfly is symmetrical, meaning the weight of a composition is evenly distributed in the insects wings. I found him on the stairs of Marshall hall. 🙂



This Photo represents the concept of  dominance. Dominance is explained to be a series of varying degrees that are emphasized in design. This photo is an example of continuance. Your eyes are immediately drawn down the direction of the grape vines. This photo was taken in Buellton, CA at Fes Parker winery. (Que the coonskin caps)


This photo is an example of use of space, particularly positive and negative space. This concept demonstrates the difference between the “figure” (my legs and feet) and the background (the blank concrete).

Positive and Negative space

The bricks on Campus walk are a perfect example of rhythm. Intervals exist between the elements.