Week 9 summary

Crazy week! Some how managed to finish everything!

All blog posts for the week are below! šŸ™‚

My 3 daily creates. I had some trouble with twitter for some reason earlier in he week so they are on my flickr! Check them out in my blog post!

Daily Create week 9

My 12 stars worth of video assignments. I knew this week would come… when I had to go solo in front of an internetĀ audience. I did my best however, and I don’t think they are too bad. Take a look! link below. šŸ™‚

12 star Video assignment

And finally my video essay. I did a review of a scene from the first movie in my all time childhood favorite series Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.


Thats all for this week! Have a happy Halloween!


Hello! For my video essay, I decided to apply concepts I learned from week 9’s readings to the first film of my favorite series, Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.



I created this on iMovie on my Macbook. It been a really cool week because ive discovered so many things I didn’t even know existed already preloaded on my computer! Take a watch!

link below-

12 star Video assignment

I really would have preferred to do the other option however its a very busy week for me here at UMW, and i’m not sure if I could meet with anyone :/

Im really really shy in front of a camera at all. I recorded all 4 of these videos in the comfort of my own apartmentĀ (sorry for my paw paws tv in the background..) on my Macbook Pro. I really have strove to go out of the box in this class…. so please give me feedback! I think the only think I really need to work on is eye contact with the camera. All of my videos were uploaded on my youtube channel, click on any four of the videos ot bring you to my page! Enjoy!


Here are my 12 stars worth of video assignments!

Green screen-4 stars-Ā #VideoAssignments1990

This one was kinda funny…. I was doing research on green screen applications and I saw that I already had one on my macbook pro (i’m not dumb I swear.. I just got my mac book recently lol) ! It is a preloaded application called photo booth and anyone with a macbook has access! All you have to do if switch to effect. This is me under water, chillin! lol

Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal – 2 stars- #VideoAssignments1916

In light of recent events this week….Watch big daddy Rick get pissed when carl doesnt eat his breakfast! Does anyone else watch this show? I cant get enough really.. I imagine a really whiny voice going “Carllllll….. eat your cheerios Carllllllll”! I cant afford milk because I’m poor! Don’t judge! lol


Arts and crafts Tutorial- 3 stars- #VideoAssignments1886

A cool thing that I can do with ribbon! Watch me teach the world how to make the perfect girly bow! I learned it years ago doing cheer. Its very easy for some simple house improvements. šŸ™‚

Product review- 3 stars- #VideoAssignments154

HA.. My friend got me these and I really use them all the time just because..šŸ˜‚Ā I live on the water, so when hurricanes and storms hit my power always goes out. I use these to see around and provide comedic relief. The really do work like the “real” thing, with the exception of the limited amount of buttons. I recommend buying for fun.



Daily Create week 9


SOOO, for some reason my twitter wouldn’t let me upload my Daily create photos this evening.. kinda odd!! I uploaded them to my Flickr account instead! take a look below šŸ™‚

To my little sister- a little poem on my thoughts about college! lol

To my little sister

To my Friend- just something I thought up.

To my Friend

To my Roommate- She hates when I sing in the shower!! Here ya go gal :p My thoughts on singing in the shower!! haha!

To my Roommate

Weekly 8 Summary

We are half way done with the school year!!! WOHOOO!!!!!! I had a very large abundance of work due this week since it was the week following fall break. I had 3 tests on Friday, what is that!!!! I rocked all of them though, and still had time to complete some activities for this class! Please take a look at my weeks work of weekly assignments! AllĀ of my blog posts are below šŸ™‚ enjoy!

I truly enjoyed listening to everyones radio broadcasts this week! Take a look at my review of Meme Radio in my blog post below! šŸ™‚

Meme Radio review

Check out my personal favorites, and what I believe to be the best Daily creates in all of d106 in my latest blog post! I will reflect on the art itself, and why I think it is better than all the rest. Link below!

The Best Of DS106


Read my one of my latest blog posts about how I created my own Mood forecast page! Link to my blog post below!

Mood Forecast


And finally, my 8 Stars worth of web assignments.

Socialize media- 31/2 stars #WebAssignments1656

For this assignment I was to make social media accounts for a character! I chose my dog of course. I made my Irish doodle puppy 3 web pages, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram! Its always a huge pain in the neck creating new social media account but this was well worth the time. I followed all kinds of other dogs and animal lover accounts to make it more personalized! I even updated his bio’s. His profile picture is a pic of him and I! šŸ™‚ Ā Now he can keep in paw touch with all his buddies.. Really cant believe I did this but i didšŸ˜‚

lol.. enjoy!




Way Back Machine-2 stars- #WebAssignments115

This website is pretty freaking cool. I chose to view www.amazon.com “way back”! My favorite part of this experience was seeing the level of site visitation in the past ten years. It has goneĀ up exponentially. Possibly from a more established brand name, or maybe because the site design is better! After viewing amazons old website templates, its no wonder no one visited the URL! The site was SO CONFUSINGĀ until around 2008. LiterallyĀ absolutely nothing flows on the site. There is no directory, no visible search engine, all the linksĀ all look alike and nothing really stands out to me. I couldn’t even navigate to my cart on this site..

(February 2000-)


The site now is much more appealing. It combines easiness and readiness. All similar linksĀ are in one spot, navigation is so easy, and I can actually see all my options. Also, if I had trouble, there a hotline I can now call, or a can participate in a live chat. The color scheme of the new siteĀ is tooĀ very alluring. Its small improvements such as this that can make or break a site such as this one!



Pinteresting a character -2 1/2 stars-


Who could have possibly made this Pinterest board? I actually have already had one follow add me and guess! She loves all things country, just like she sings in her songs. This country rocking womanĀ one of my favorite female music artists of all time (mentioned a couple times throughout this course.. lol). Can you guess what country star made this Pinterest board? Feel to guess in a comment!



Thanks for taking a look everyone!! Please leave comments for feedback of my work. šŸ™‚





Meme Radio review

I sometimes just tune in to ds106 radio just for some inspiration. I was listening the other night, and a really old airing of CBS radio was on. It really took me back! The tone of voice, the music, sound effects, and the quality all really brings you back! It remind me of when my Maw and Papaw would force my sister and I to sit down and watch stuff like M.A.S.H (I love the show now which is ironic). Its crazy how different modern radio sounds as opposed to radio broadcasts in the past. The Lack of musical transition throws you of and makes you wonder if it is actually a radio broadcast!

I chose to listen to the Meme show. I actually tuned in right on time when it started! I really liked how one of the first things they addressed in the show was the definition of a Meme, and its history. I myself feel like this is a modern 21st century term and some of the listeners have not a clue what they are, especially if the are not into social media! Great job there guys! The music in the beginning really tied me in as well, however I thought maybe they could have changed it at some point during the show!

Almost every example of a meme that they addressed throughout the show I knew, which is very sad.. haha! My favorite part of this show was adding the Ryan Gosling monologueā€¦ that interview is hilarious! The cool thing about the Ryan Gosling memes are that you can literally google his name they all pop up immediately. All the radio bumpers were also very funny, especially the one with the police chief.

Everyone did a really good job in this show! I understand personally how hard it can be to put ourselves out on the internet, but everyone in the Meme show did a wonderful job! Great show guys! šŸ™‚


Mood Forecast

My Site Link- Ā  Ā http://thimbleprojects.org/HTTP/ahunt/119809/

This was the single most frustrating thing I have ever completed in this course, BY FAR. I don’t think it was the complexity of the X-ray goggle program, but rather the fact that you couldn’t save any changes. I had to re-start in designing my page legitimately 20 times because every time I tried to navigate on the page it would re-render all my progress to the sites original state. So annoying!! It took me a good chunk of my Saturday just to complete this one assignment. I ended up helping myself out a littleĀ by using an old school mouse to navigate on my computer rather than my touch pad. I cant even begin to say how frustrating and time intensive this activity was but I can say that I am DONEĀ and very proud of my final product!

Abbys Mood Site

For this assignment I chose to re-design a webpage that displayed hourly weather, into an hourly set mood page. This site acts a a live point of information on what mood I am in, I was in, or I could be in, as well as other mood related things. Like the weather, mood is a temporal characteristic, changing through space and time. This made it a little easier for me to match things up with how the site was already laid out.

I really tired to personalize everything I saw on the site. Every little box and article, I changed to reflect my topic.Ā The most entertainingĀ part on the site to meĀ I think was my segment on “Possible external factors” effecting my mood (pictured below). I though that one was pretty funny, and defiantly accurate!Ā I started to run into problems toward the end, however. As I scrolled further down into the page I would start to loose editingĀ that I was navigating away from (and then I would have to start it all over…. again…)

Abbys mood

Abbys Mood Site

Overall though minus all the mishaps this was a pretty cool experience! Ive never in my life even looked at code, so it was pretty foreign to me but after watching a couple youtube videos I was rolling. Ill most likely be using this program again for fun purposes, but I need a lot more practice to make it perfect! Please enjoy my moody site everyone! Please give me feedback in my comments!



The Best Of DS106


Iv always enjoyed reviewing everyones daily creates throughout the week on twitter using the hashtag. I have never used twitter before being in the class, but i really am getting the hang of it! Some are very creative, its inspiring! The cool thing about posting the Daily create on twitter is that you can reply to peoples works of art and ask them how they did it, as well as give wicked feedback. Ive learned how to use a couple iPad apps this way! It just brings us back to one of the central ideas to digital story telling, share your process with others!

I loved this daily create by @kristinoconnn. I really do enjoy living and going to school inĀ Fredericksburg. She captured this photo at a great time of day! But, rain or shine I love this town, and this really stood out to me! I even believe I know where it was taken which is awesome. šŸ™‚ I enjoyed reviewing you’re daily creates after I saw this, although this one was truly the “best”.Ā Really cool picture Kristin!! šŸ™‚

I really enjoyed this daily create by Alan. What makes this so outstanding is that is so expert! I would have never thought to make and edited rendition of the daily create as my ownĀ daily create. It’s kind of an inception of some sort.. but I like the idea! The editing on the picture itself met the requirements to a “t”! The pictureĀ really resembles an old photo! Ā Great work Alan!


I had to go back a little bit in the DS106TDC hashtag to find this one.Ā šŸ˜‚Ā I actually found it a little while ago when I was creeping around on twitter at everyones work under the hastag. I am a huge fan of the Beatles. My Maw’s name is Jude, so you can imagine the cords being belted in my house on a daily basis! What really makes this daily create one of the most outstanding is the caption.šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚Ā I mean, you really cant get much more random than a bunch of penguins blocking a city street, and the Abbey road reference really tied the jokeĀ together!Ā This also stood out to me because the editing must have taken a very long time, and must have been mildly intensive! Very clever, and wicked cool editing skills! Thank youĀ for creating this work of art Anna, I thoroughly enjoyed it.














Week 7 Summary

The days of my fall semester of junior year are really starting to all blend together! This weekend, my sister is to get married back home in Yorktown, VA. I am so happy for her! I cant wait for the wedding on Saturday.

Anyways.. back to school things…

We finished our radio show this week. Myself and my 4 group members worked extremely hard to bring everyone (drum roll pleaseeee…)Ā Internet Radio!

Below is a link to our FULL radio broadcast.


Please check out how we did it, my original fears, and what my contributions to this show were in my latest blog post!

link below–

THE COMPLETE.. Internet radio.

My two daily creates are posted on twitter.

–link below

Daily Create week 7

I cant believe this assignment is over! I feel like i’ve been at it forever! I hope all of #ds106 enjoys our radio show! Please leave your comments on this post!



Abigail Hunt