to new ds106 students-

The course in the beginning  is very scary, making your domain was the hardest part of the whole class and it was within the first week.

After that it is just having fun! I urge shy people such as myself to open and because hey, its the internet.. who cares lol.

I do wish however we had the weekend to complete assignments. That would have really helped in some cases! Another thing that I think is beyond our control, is when some people don’t see comments and approve them! I would like to see all my comments, i wish we didnt have to approve!

What I enjoyed most about the course was how flexible it was, the assignment bank assignments were just plain fun in some cases! lol!

OVERALL- Don’t under estimate the time it takes you to finish a weeks worth of work. I would some times spend over 10-15 hrs a week on this class, mostly because some assignments were collected throughout my day!

Loved this class!


Final week… final proj….



Hello everyone!! Below is a Link to my final project. I worked really hard on it! In total i used 47 stars from the assignment banks spanning across the four main components of digital story telling, audio, video, writing, and photography. Below my video you can read along to how I created each part and how it is relevant to the final DS106 project! I tried to incorporate as much new knowledge about computer programs, apps, websites, and just strait up how to work my mac book into my video!  Its been a wild ride everyone, I know ive come a long way since the start! I hope you all enjoy my final video!

I had some problem with the sound of youtube!!! listen to it here-


The very first few photos that appear in my video are accompanied by one of my all time favorite songs, Eating Like Kings by Shawn James. The First photo was part of the  Family friendly billboard Visual Assignment (1973). I copied my face over the models and changed the brand name to my final project title. 🙂

The second photo I created a silly movie poster (VisualAssignments1987). I took the movie ” Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” and changed the title to lord of the STRINGS (I’m hilarious I know..), and changed the title to “Eat like kings” to kind of match the song…

The Third photo is the “can you see what i see assignment” (VisualAssignments1892) going along with the lyrics.. a murder has occurred, and its in the eye of the beholder. I pasted a silhouette of two people in a murder predicament over a scene in a woman’s eye ball.

The picture is followed by the merg of cover by “Timothy Brian and the Boys” (you can find them on youtube). Its great cover… i enjoy it as much as the original.

the snake video and the rotting apple time-lapse…. follow along with the lyrics..

“You know that it’s a snake eat snake world.

We slither and serpentine through.

We all took a bite and six thousand years later, this apples getting harder to chew.”

I interpreted that as a rotting apple, because I think Shawn James was trying to covey the continual discontent that people might have in their lives. A bad taste can last a very long time and so can bad memories, they can get worst as time goes on.


The next bit of me dancing like a moron is part of the P!NK emotions assignment (AudioAssignments2007)

The song “Raise your Glass” just put me in such a happy place, it makes me feel so free i just want to dance!

The song “F**kin Perfect” reminds me of success. Once of the most rewarding and successful moment in my life way graduating high school! My second, LAX senior night, I was awarded with 3 metals including BRD Player of the year.

The song “please don’t leave me” makes me feel like I need to yell at someone and break relationships. LOL no lie…

At 3:15 I explain Visual Assignment 1914. One of the funniest videos i’ve ever made to be honest.

At 4:33, what a sing means to me. (AudioAssignments1923)

I chose “Cant Tell Me” by SOJA. This song is so relevant to a college environment such as UMW.. “You cant tell me who I am, because I’m working on that too”. Everyone has their own opinions, styles, and tastes. We are all still developing in different stages in our lives therefore, “Whats right for me just ain’t right for you”. Lead singer Jacob Hemphill reminded us to love everyone everyday unconditionally and respect others stages in life and opinions.

The next Part of my video is a display of emotions through sound (AudioAssignments1551). Im not sure if any of you have picked up this semester but I am a huge Lord of the Rings nerd… all of these songs displayed the written emotion through sound in my interpretation.

at 6:58, What I love.. more than anything my wonderful boyfriend who teaches me how easy it is to fall for him every single day. The song is another one by SOJA,  True love.

The next part is a selfie story (videoAssignments1653) me and my boyfriends step mom on a road trip to visit him out in Dana Point, California! The song fits perfectly, hehehe thanks dani California.. 😉

Up next at 8:06, my most recent “Vacation”, my oldest sisters wedding! (VideoAssignments1036)  All you need is love, am I right? :,)

Up last, I finally jump into my written portion, how a song makes me feel. Sunday bloody Sunday is a classic for many, but for me its some of the best memories of when I was with my dad. The assignment called for tweets, so i just screen shotted them and threw them in there as pfg’s.

I hope everyone really enjoyed my final project. Its been more than I pleasure being a apart of DS106 these past couple months. Ive learned so much!

for now, cheers!
Abigail Hunt


Final Project Update 2 week 13

things im planning on making this week-

How it will all come together? watch my video to find out!!!!!!!!!!!



-Create a silly movie poster –VisualAssignments1987-3.5 stars

Take an exisiting movie poster and make it look silly. My final project involved an Ewok who wanted to be in a movie with Arnold Schwarzengger. This is his idea of a poster.


-Family friendly billboard-VisualAssignments1973- 4 Stars-photo

Reconstruct an image of a billboard by photo editing the image. Replace the heads of people or objects with photos of your friends and family.


-Can you see what I see- VisualAssignments1892-3.5 stars -photo

Find or take a photo of an eye. Take another image of whatever you want, and overlay the image onto the eye. Make the image in the eye smaller so that it looks like a reflection in the person’s eye.


Recreate a famous movie scene-VisualAssignments1914-3.5- photo

“im sure you’ve all seen the vines, “every song makes this dramatic”, if you havenet, heres a couple exampkes below-


Merging original  song with cover-3 stars-AudioAssignments2007 -audio


P!nks emotions- AudioAssignments2007- 3 stars -audio

For this assignment, we had to create our own audio assignment, it could be a mashup of music or sounds, all it had to do was be mixed.  For this assignment, I chose to create a mash-up of four different songs from the artist P!NK.  These four songs all show the different emotions that she was feeling when she wrote and sang the songs.  Each song is connected by a similar lyric from the previous song.  For example, in “So What” she beings the chorus with, “So what, I’m still a rockstar” and “Raise Your Glass”‘s chorus begins with “So raise your glass if you are wrong”.  These two songs are connected with the “So” from “So What” and the “Raise your glass” from “Raise Your Glass”


what a song might mean to you- AudioAssignments1923- 3.5 stars- -audio

Lots of people have a particular song that reminds them of certain situations, I know I do! Embed the video of your particular song and a short recording of why you really like the song, or what makes it importatnt to you (I would recomend Soundcloud for this assignment! Have fun!!

-emotions through sound- AudioAssignments1551- 3  stars. -audio

Try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. They can be human sounds, such as crying with laughter in the background, to maybe express someone’s fears or being embarrassed, or you can get really artsy and try to convey an emotion by sound effects– like loud noises to show intensity, thunder to show fear, or quick, chirpy noises to show happiness. Edit at least 4 sounds together to show an emotion, upload it to soundcloud and then tag it with the appropriate tags.

what do you love- video start – VideoAssignments1728- 4 stars

choose something that you love and make a video of it! You can take pictures or videos and combine them into one final video. Try to find music that has to do with the thing you love and add it to the video. Make sure to add a title and give credit to those outside sources!

Selfie story- 4.5 stars- videoAssignments1653

Narrate a story using selfies.


sports team pump up- 4.5 stars-VideoAssignments1165- video

Its vacation time-VideoAssignments1036- 3.5 stars



dream it … write it!- 2.5 stars- WritingAssignments1860


How does this song make you feel?WritingAssignments2042- 2 stars

Emotional lyrics- WritingAssignments2043- 3 stars




Final project Brainstorm week 12

So I was recently incredibly inspired by a television commercial I saw a couple weeks ago while watching the 2016 presidential election. Its a campaign launched by Pandora Radio, an online streaming radio station, called “The Next Song Matters”. You can watch the commercial below-


It really just changed my whole way of processing and understanding music.. it took my mind off the election for ten minutes, and made me think, what does music really mean to me. Different tones, speeds, sound effects, implications ect, they all enact different memories, feelings, or emotions. But above all, while watching this commercial I realized how expressive music is to the mind, body, and soul.

For this final project, I want to pick a series of songs that stimulate specific emotions, and incorporate them into my assignment. Throughout my “story” I want to convey in some medium how the song makes me think and feel.

Questions I am to answer (just to name a few) What emotions does the music bring to me? What do I picture in my head while listening? ? What is the message being conveyed? What kind of tones are being used and where in the tune? How does this song change my attitude? Do I relate, and how? Who is the artist, what could he look like? What instraments are being used? Do different instruments enact different feelings? Whats elects more of a responce, the lyrics or the instrumental? Is there a pattern in the tune? Can I guess when (time-period wise) the tune was published?

Although one would assume this as a whole would be a audio project, i’m going to spread my idea throughout several mediums on the internet.  I will use Soundcloud for audio assignments, Youtube for video assignments, twitter for written assignments, and Flickr for photographic assignments.

Throughout this next week im going to be listening to a lot of different music on my iTunes library. Im choose my iTunes because I have over 3000 songs in every genre imaginable. I have film soundtracks, sound bits, instrumentals, vocals, screamo, soft, oldies, newies…. you name it. Ive also had the same iTunes library ever since iTunes existed ( and you had to download it VIA disk drive or floppy disk) in 2001. Im going to be listing songs that I think are appropriate for this assignment below (mostly to help myself but everyone is welcome to listen). In the week following thanksgiving im planning on having all of the assignments I plan on completing from the assignment bank in my SECOND update(12/2).



Please let me know what ya’ll think! For this assignment I think that feedback could be really cool and useful because not everyone hears things in the same way. Maybe I could even get some music/song suggestions for to analyze in my project.

PLEASEEEE Leave comments, and everyone have a hearty thanksgiving!!!!



Song list-

-Eating like Kings – by Shawn James

-Trust Issues- By Drake

-Rea Sremmurd- Up like Donald Trump





Hello ds106! Today, I’m going to show everyone how use iMovie to create mashup assignment1862! This assignment is to create a doggo voice over. To complete this (my way..) you will need to find access to iMovie, a free (with the costly purchase of any macbook by Apple…) video editing software by Microsoft. I discovered this application at the being of the corse when we started video editing! It is so easy to use and very strait forward. You can even upload your video directly to YouTube or Vevo after your finished with the click of a mouse. Please follow my step by step instructions listed below while watching my video!

1-Record a video: Pull out your iPhone or camera and record a video. iMovie can upload up to 1 hr of video.. so utilize your time!img_8077-2

2-Find access to a Macbook: For most people in college this may sound silly, but for this assignment you have to have a macbook if you want it to be free. iMovie is available for other computers, however it will cost you!img_3468-2

3- Find iMovie app: The app can be found un the search bar of the launch pad. The symbol is a little purple star with a video recorder in the middle.img_6749-2

4- Upload media : I just send my self a video on my iMessage because it easier for me. But!!!- you can send you video to your email and download it that way.

5-Upload media to iMovie:The coolest thing about this application is that you can drag any file directly into iMovie (see video below).

6- Play Around and edit (the fun part): Now you can edit your video. For this assignment, you needed specifically to use to voice over. See video below to learn how to create a voice over on our video!

7- Save and share: Save your video (As seen in video above), and upload it to youtube to make someone smile! Who doesn’t love a talking doggo??? especially one as cute as mine. 🙂 Check out my video of #Mashupassignment1862 below!


Week 11 summary

Its the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did we make it here? This week went by so fast!

My Three daily creates-What is beauty to me? Check out my thoughts!- links below–

My weekly mashup assignments with two remixes- check out my latest blog post if you need a good laugh today! link below–

Mashup Assignments week 11

And my tutorial, how I made one of my mashups this week on iMovie! Check it out in step by step directions in my latest blog post below-



Abigail Hunt

Mashup Assignments week 11

Im ready for my close up -4stars- #MashupAssignments1945

I made this graphic on Microsoft power point. I always enjoy utilizing Microsoft Powerpoint because the program has has a really cool feature with pictures AND videos assessable to anyone who has the program. Under “Format Picture” there is an option to “remove background”. This gives you the option to cut from any photo. I like using powerpoint because I don’t have to worry about things like margins or overlay.

REMIX+2stars-Bootcamp it.

My mans over here calling in a drone strike on the pineapple pizza….


Holiday Mashup 4stars-#MashupAssignments1872
Woho!!!! Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up ya’ll! 🙂 Its that time of year. This is my holiday mashup. My three favorite holidays are Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I created this graphic in a photo shop app on my iPad called Faceover. It was on one dollar too! Santa’s sleigh is being steered by the easter bunny, who has a trunk full of turkey dinner!!! yum!! lol. I hope you enjoy my creativity!

REMIX-In Another Language

Hola amigos de ds106. Este es mi remix de mashup de vacaciones. Mis 3 vacaciones favoritas son Navidad, Semana Santa y Acción de Gracias. Yo creó este gráfico en una aplicación de tienda de fotos en mi iPad. El trineo de Santa está siendo dirigido por el conejito de pascua, que tiene un tronco lleno de cena de pavo. ¡Espero que disfrutes de mi creatividad!

Talking animals-4stars- #MashupAssignments1862

Now this is my type of assignment!!! LOL.. I literally narrate my dogs whole life all day long.. The doggo featured in this video in my one year old Irish doodle, Murphy! You may remeber him from past assignments I’ve included him in. I created this movie on MovieMaker. Im sure I am not the only one who cowers in fear whenever you have to make an edit of a video..prior to this class I had never even know I had access to this program. It comes free on all apple laptops and is super simple and easy to use!

If he could talk… this is what he would say.. enjoy!😂



Week 10 summary


Whats up DS106!!!! we are on our way to the end of the school year.. and yall…  I think i’m going Cray Cray!! Who else? anyways, i got all my work done for week, links to my blog posts below!


My Story telling video-

Working the Graveyard shift

My 12 stars of video assignments, all related to the story telling theme!

Video assignments

My 3 DC’s.

Daily create week 10

Working the Graveyard shift

Hello DS106!

Today Im presenting a video I made from small clips today. Im a chef so sometimes on weekends I have to take one for the team and work a graveyard shift…

For those of you that don’t know a graveyard shift is when you are scheduled to work the late hours of the night into the earlier hours in the morning. Its typically very slow (hence, “graveyard”…haha…get it) and I personally just do a lot of cleaning in that time period.

I chose to do this kind of Storytelling video because what better way to tell a story then show it to people from your point of view. My short film starts with me waking up in bed, and then the camera flips around as if for the rest of the time you will be seeing things from my point of view. The song “bad day” is playing for the whole movie. I thought it to be fitting because whenever I have to work graveyard i’m very slump….

The whole movie was created on iMovie from 28 clips recorded on my iPhone 6s that I strapped to a headband on my head for most of the duration of recording (hahah!), Plus a title and credit. Granted i’m not really the most interesting woman in the world BUT.. I tried to compile actually things I do before work, with the fact i’m also a college student. Things such as drinking cheap red juice and eating a peice of left over pizza before work.. un locking and locking the door to my apartment.. ect..

I also though it to be necessary to keep checking my watch because thats really what I actually do. I made the video feel “rushed” in a sense, like the viewer is in the same time crunch as I was while watching. I thought the end to be kind cool in the dark because lighter things stood out such as my car lights and dash board controls, it really set the mood that it was at the dark of night!

Overall, I wanted this video to be kinda relatable because storytelling is so much deeper on personal levels. So to all those other college students out there who feel me give this video a watch and tell me what you think!

link below.


Video assigments week 10

When its Cold Outside- Dorm remix.- 4stars #VideoAssignments1929

Me in Fredvegas enjoying a nice cup of coffee!!! Yes, coffee… i’m a college student remember…

Spoiler alert 3 1/2 stars #VideoAssignments1917

The look on Mary’s face says it all… Don’t watch this video if you don’t want the Lord of the Rings trilogy to be SPOILED!!!

What I do 41/2 stars  #VideoAssignments1874

A video of something I do everyday in my daily routine… study for GIS because I have no other life…LOL. What is GIS you ask? Take a watch below and find out!